Shree Sacred Sounds
An Evolutionary Spiritual Transcendence Utilizing Sound & Sensory Meditation
with Chuck Frenkel and Polly Liontis


About Polly

The quest for truth and beauty have fueled Polly’s journey from her earliest memories to the present moment. Polly’s last 15 years as a Yoga and Meditation Instructor and Shiatsu Instructor have been a deep exploration into the health and deep wisdom of the body, mind, and spirit.

At this juncture, Polly’s great joy is to combine her gifts as a healing artist with her gifts as a performing artist by singing the sacred Sanskrit Chants from the Yoga Tradition, while playing Tibetan Singing Bowls, Harmonium, or Piano. In this way, Polly combines sound healing with sharing the philosophy of the great Wisdom Traditions of Yoga and Chinese Medicine.

Polly’s passion is expressing the loving-kindness, compassion, light, and beauty inherent in the spirit through her chanting, playing, and teaching. This is the meaning of “Shree” – luminosity, shining, and brilliant.

Initially drawn to making music, singing, and acting, Polly received her Bachelor’s of Fine Arts Degree in Piano Performance from the University of Nebraska at Omaha. Immediately moving to Chicago, Polly began working for Boitsov Ballet Company and the Gus Giordano Dance Studio, as   rehearsal pianist for ballet classes. Polly then attended the Ted Liss Acting Studio where she studied Shakespeare, Greek Tragedy, Restoration Comedy, and Dramatic Improvisation, all the while working as a drama coach for Opera Singers. Polly underscored and performed in “The Inspector General” under Frank Galati’s direction at Goodman Theatre in 1987. Subsequently moving to Boulder, Colorado, Polly started her own acting studio and performed in straight theatre in Denver with leads in “Medea: A Noh Tragedy”, “Deathtrap”, and “The Perfect Party”. The quest for a deep understanding of the human condition through character study continued on.

The next chapter of Polly’s life included giving birth to two beautiful children, which led her to the exploration of a healthier lifestyle. Polly resumed practicing yoga and upon her return to the Chicago area went through the teacher training program at the Himalayan Institute under Pandit Rajmani Tigunait at the Glenview, Illinois Ashram in 1999. Polly was initiated into the lineage of Swami Rama of the Himalayas by Pandit Rolf Sovik with her own personal mantra. Polly also studied with Sandra Anderson of the Himalayan Institute. Sandra Anderson and Rolf Sovik are authors of the book, “Yoga: Mastering the Basics”.

Polly is deeply committed to teaching all 8 limbs of Raja Yoga (also known as Ashtanga Yoga):  Yamas (Restraints), Niyama (Observances), Asana (Posture), Pranayama (Control & Expansion of Energy through the Breath), Pratyahara (Sense Withdrawal), Dharana (Concentration), Dhyana (Meditation), and Samadhi (Self-Realization). These practices help us to gain control over the body and the mind for the purpose of living a mindful, conscious, joyous and purposeful existence.

Simultaneously Polly also attended the Ohashi Institute, studying under Sensai Wataru Ohashi, and became an AOBTA Certified Shiatsu Practitioner and Instructor.  Shiatsu is a Japanese form of bodywork which is based on thousands of years of Chinese Medicine and works on the acupressure points and stretches for the Chinese Medicine Meridians in the body. She has been a Shiatsu Practitioner since 1999 and taught Shiatsu at the Zen Shiatsu School in Evanston since 2001. Polly then became a Licensed Massage Therapist in 2003.

Polly was a founding member of the Integrative Medicine Program for North Shore University Health System at Park Center in Glenview since 2000 and currently gives Massage Therapy and Shiatsu Sessions there as well as teaching Therapeutic Yoga to the patients. For the last 13 years Polly has seen the healing power of Yoga and Bodywork in treating very ill patients with a variety of symptoms – Oncology patients, Cardiac patients, and many patients with Auto-Immune Disorders. Polly’s journey into the healing arts grew out of a desire to develop a philosophy for living that promoted healing for herself and others, thereby contributing to the greater good.

Polly’s ongoing studies include Pranayama with Sri O.P.Tiwari of the Kaivalyadhama in Lonavia, India (near Mumbai), Pranayama with Paul Dallaghan of Yoga Thailand, Singing with Theresa Brancaccio of Northwestern University, Kirtan with Daniel Tucker, and Yoga and Chinese Medicine Texts on her own.

Polly specifically teaches Yin Yoga Classes, Ashtanga-based Vinyasa Flow Classes, Hatha Flow Classes, Gentle Yoga Classes, Therapeutic Yoga Classes and Meditation Classes. Polly also conducts Gong Immersions (Sound Healing Workshops) with her partner, Chuck Frenkel, in which she plays ancient Himalayan Singing Bowls and chants the Sanskrit mantras.

Polly shares these Wisdom Tradition teachings in the yoga classes she teaches at Heaven Meets Earth Yoga, Evolution Yoga and at the Integrative Medicine Program for North Shore University Health System, as well as the classes she teaches for Zen Shiatsu Chicago School and Private Clinic.

Polly’s quest for truth and beauty resonates throughout her reverent approach to teaching Yoga Asana, Pranayama, Meditation, and her Bhakti practice of chanting the Sacred Sanskrit Mantras.

About Chuck

Chuck grew up on the Gulf Coast, surrounded by the beautiful ocean, white sandy beaches, and a love for being in nature. His love for the outdoors engendered a love of sport and being physical in a natural setting. His eye for beauty led him to explore photography and the art of telling a story with beautiful pictures, which led him to a career in Television.

Chuck worked as a Television Producer/Director for over 30 years and along the way also explored music as a form of self-expression.  He learned to play the bass guitar, formed a blues band and played in and around Chicago and the Midwest for many years.  While exploring various creative endeavors, he has been blessed to be able to work with many artists of varying styles and experiences.  He continues his study of art and music in conjunction with his yoga studies to this day.
One of Chuck’s passions was cycling and he rode and raced for many years.  But his spiritual healing journey began in the most unlikely of places – a forest preserve bike path where he lay on the ground badly injured after being thrown from his bicycle. This “accident” began a journey of survival and exploration into destiny and dharma. From that moment forward Chuck began a journey into healing that spanned physical therapy, yoga asana, pranayama, and sound healing.

Following his bike accident, Chuck looked for ways to physically heal himself and came to yoga at the behest of his physician.  His interest in yoga grew and he began his yoga journey and teacher training at North Shore Yoga with Sharyn Galindo studying the Ashtanga tradition. There he was introduced to Pranayama by Sri O.P. Tiwari of the Kaivalyadhama Institute in Mumbai, India. Chuck has also studied Pranayama with Paul Dallaghan of Yoga Thailand. This began a serious immersion into Pranayama as well as chanting of the Sacred Sanskrit Mantras.

Chuck is an RYT with the Yoga Alliance and has delved into the study of Asana, Pranayama, Meditation, Anatomy and the ancient Yogic Texts as he completed his 200 hour training.  He is currently finishing up his 500 hour YTT with Sharyn Galindo of North Shore Yoga and is also working on a yearlong course with Leslie Kaminoff focusing on anatomy for yoga. Chuck has done Yin Yoga teacher training with Paulie Zink, Paul & Suzie Grilley, and Sarah Powers and is developing a yin training course of his own.

Along the way Chuck began exploring sound healing utilizing ancient antique Himalayan Singing Bowls and Paiste handmade Planetary Gongs. Playing his six Planetary Gongs has helped open up a world of healing meditation and transcendence.  Chuck encourages his students to look inward in their yogic journey and his living experience greatly enhances and enriches his offerings as he helps guide his students along their journey.