Shree Sacred Sounds
An Evolutionary Spiritual Transcendence Utilizing Sound & Sensory Meditation
with Chuck Frenkel and Polly Liontis

Our Sacred Sound Healing Instruments

Paiste Planetary Gongs and
Antique Master Quality Himalayan Singing Bowls
Offering Ancient Otherworldly Sounds, Helping to Create a Unique
Sensory Experience & Meditation

The Gongs and their Characteristics*

Sun Gong - Energizing, Purifying, Healing, Strengthening

Sidereal Moon Gong - Helps Restore Emotional Balance, Enhances Intuition

Chiron Gong - The Catalyst, Healing using Alternative Methodologies, Connecting the Inner with the Outer

Uranus Gong - Creates Change Where Needed to help Break Old Habits offering New Insights and Inspiration, Expanding our Consciousness

Jupiter Gong - Stimulates Growth and Development on Many Levels, helping Bring Success & Good Fortune

Pluto Gong - Transformational, Cleansing, Healing through Illumination, Removing Darkness

*Each individual will experience these characteristics in their own unique way.