Shree Sacred Sounds
An Evolutionary Spiritual Transcendence Utilizing Sound & Sensory Meditation
with Chuck Frenkel and Polly Liontis

“Yoga Chitta Vritti Nirodha” – Patanjali

 Patanjali states in the Yoga Sutras that “Yoga is the discipline that leads to the calming of the energy of the mind.”  The Gongs, Singing Bowls, and Sacred Mantras assist us in this process, bringing the mind to a quiet, tranquil, peaceful state.

  Treat yourself to the luminous, sacred sounds of the Gongs and ancient Tibetan Singing Bowls for a meditation experience like no other.

Join us for this journey into sound and vibration, breath and sensation. Words cannot convey the power, beauty, and mystery of these ancient energy healing instruments.  Throughout the ages, gongs and singing bowls have been used as tools for meditation, ritual ceremony and prayer. The singing bowls signal the beginning and end of meditation, clearing the mind, preparing one for the inward journey.  In addition, our chanting of the sacred mantras in Sanskrit calls upon our inherent spiritual qualities of joy, loving-kindness, and equanimity, creating a deep inner peace.

This meditation experience is an invitation to go within, the soothing, organic resonance of the gongs helping us to bring harmony to the mind, body, and spirit.

Leading us through this journey are Chuck and Polly, who are yoga instructors and musicians, with backgrounds in theatre, television, and the performing arts. Their combined experience as both healing and performing artists brings a unique gift of beauty and artistry to this spiritual experience.

These mystical, healing vibrations are uniquely experienced by each individual, oftentimes as a clearing and balancing of the energies in the body. 

These sacred sounds will both calm and inspire your spirit. The sound energies of the gongs and singing bowls can work at a cellular level and can help remove negative vibrations of stress, fatigue, depression, anger, and fear, as well as blocked energies for a cleansing, deep release.

This sound healing meditation can provide a deep sensory experience for the body, mind and spirit.
Join us and let us share the experience with you.