Faith versus Spirituality, an essay by American Zarathustra

That is an essay that takes a sojourn by means of the layers of identification to the Floor of Being and again.

Western Civilization is interwoven with the Abrahamic religions, for higher or worse. The next essay is the end result of my views on Faith and Spirituality from a lifetime of rigorous investigation into this subject.

The subject, little doubt, is incendiary and contentious. All I ask is that the reader acknowledge their ego all through the studying and dissection of my essay.

The reader will observe that, whereas I deconstruct Faith, I do not do it with the intent to disrespect it, relatively to light up what I imagine our relationship is to it.

The reader can even observe that with out having executed any kind of ascetic follow to instantly expertise the Divine, and that the character of this expertise is troublesome to outline and measure scientifically, herein lies the controversy. With all the pieces I’ve given, besides this direct and intimate expertise, the reader is merely a detective in search of an inexpensive doubt below the authority of their ego.

Finest case situation, this essay and the Knowledge I hope to impart will result in peace and prosperity for all by means of cultivation of expertise with the Floor of Being. One won’t ever benefit from the fruits of this Knowledge with out clearing the forest of Ego and plowing their very own subject of religious expertise.

To an atheist, these phrases will make you cringe and spit, from the heights of Scientism. To a Christian, these phrases will heighten your defenses and polish your sense of spiritual identification, to a Pagan… maybe these phrases will probably be comprehensible by means of the mythic mirrors of parable. Atheist, Christian and Pagan are all a part of the European diaspora and are one folks. Nobody; Jew/ Gentile/ Pagan, has exclusivity to the Divine any greater than anybody has dominion over gravity or the weather of Nature.

The three Orientations of Science, Christianity and Paganism (not to mention the Jap, Occult and Indigenous paths) every can praise each other if solely every might see previous it is personal ego. The existentialism of Science has a sure humility that might remedy the pomposity of some spiritual folks. The Scientist might interpret Quantum Physics by means of a Christian lens and maybe discover optimistic social functions. The Pagan might study forgiveness from the Christian and use the strategies of scientific inquiry to check their archaeology. There are such a lot of issues we within the White diaspora may very well be doing to assist one another, relatively than combating one another within the dank trenches of our ego-forms.


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