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Backwashing Sand and DE Pool Filters, How to Operate the Pool Filter


Filtration is among the most important factors in the blood circulation system of your pool in order to keep it clean. There are actually three types of swimming pool filtration systems available for pool owners. Mud filters, Cartridge filters along with DE Filters. It is important to recognize which filter you have on your own pool and how to maintain it along with operating it. Each of these swimming filters has its own positives and negatives. With any pool filtering, you choose it is important to keep suitable sizing in mind. Proper dimension refers to the pool volume plus the size of the pool pump.

Sand Filtration systems:

Sand filters work by simply pushing water through a sleep of sand and into laterals. Sand filters usually have the advantage of being dependable and simple to operate. Sand filter systems are capable of continually filtering drinking water without shutting off the pump motor for days on end. As long as the correct water balance is managed along with the regular cleaning process the sand inside the filtration system will be good for up to ten years. If you are having a problem maintaining your water clean as well as clear only, change the fine sand as a last resort, other issues in the pool chemistry are most likely the cause.

Backwashing Your Fine sand Filter:

When the filter gets dirty pressure will build-up, and you may see this on the stress gauge. When the pressure measure reads approximately 5 for you to 7 PSI above the typical operating pressure you know how the filter is dirty plus it’s time to backwash. Backwashing can be an easy process. Backing laundering is done by first turning typically the pump OFF. Note: Often turn the pump off while moving the filtering multi-port valve. As soon as the pump is off, turn typically the multi-port valve on the filtration system from the ‘filter’ position towards the ‘backwash’ position.

Once the filtration system is in the backwash position change the pump back upon. The water is then reversed with the sand by the pump. The actual dirty water gets sent to the waste line (usually into the yard). High levels of chlorine can eliminate grass so it is important to understand the chlorine level in the pool while backwashing. A-ONE to 2 ppm variety should be safe it prevents killing the grass.

When the water comes out the spend line is turned from dirty to clean (may use up to 3 min. ) convert the pump back off. After the pump is off move the particular multi-port valve back from your backwash position to the rinse-off position. Turn the water pump back on and let it work for about 20 seconds. And then turn the pump back away and move it to the filter position.

Lets recap the backwashing steps:

Filtration Position-> Pump Down -> Backwash Position-> Pump On for two min. -> Pump Down -> Rinse Position-> Pump On regarding 30 Seconds -> Send Off -> Separate out Position

Diatomaceous earth filter:

Diatomaceous earth filters work with grids inside coated having diatomaceous earth or DOM for filtration. DE filters have the advantage of filtering into the finest particles or microns. However, they have been considered a near hassle to operate. For the right operation of a DE separate out it must be turned off for about 5 hours every day. This is to allow for the DE to drop and grow recoated when the pump pops up.

Backwashing a new DE filter:

Like orange sand filters, they also require backwashing when the pressure rises to help about 6 pounds on the normal operating pressure. Immediately after backwashing, you must recoat often the filter grids with completely new DE. This is done by providing DE through the skimmer in order that it gets pumped into the filtration tank. DE is a whitened powder substance that must be obtained at the pool store. Concerning twice a year DE filtration should be taken apart as well as the grids cleaned. Most EEN filters have a multi-interface valve on them used for backwashing. Backwashing is an easy method.

Backwashing is done by first converting the pump OFF. Take note: Always turn the water pump off while moving the particular filter valve. Once the water pump is off, turn the multi-port valve on the filter from your ‘filter’ position to the ‘backwash’ position. Once the filter with the backwash position turns the particular pump back on. This is then reversed through the grids by the pump. The witty water with old DOM gets wasted out the squander line (usually into the yard). High concentrations of chlorine can kill grass making it important to know that the chlorine level in the pool is definitely low while backwashing. As the water comes out the squander line turns from witty to clean (may take up to three min. ) turn often the pump back off.

Once the send is off move the multi-port valve back from the backwash position to the rinse situation. Turn the pump rear on and let it run for approximately 20 seconds. Then convert the pump back off and also move it to the filtration position. Now it’s time and energy to recharge the DE inside the tank. Refer to the label around the filter for the proper concern of DE to be included, it should say how many weights are required for a recharge. Convert the pump back as well as go over to the pool skimmer. Add the recommended quantity of pounds to the skimmer little by little.

It is best to make a slurry inside a bucket and then slowly inadequate it into the skimmer thus avoiding clogging. At this point, it can be a good idea to take a look at the give backline in the pool to make certain that the DE is being ensnared in the filter. If you have light powder spraying out the give back jets in the pool then you definitely know you have a problem in your actually grids or the valve is scheduled in the wrong position.

Permits recap the backwashing ways for a DE filter:

Separate out Position-> Pump Away from -> Backwash Position-> Pump On for three min. -> Pump Away from -> Rinse Position-> Pump On to get 30 Seconds -> Send Off -> Filtration Position-> Pump On-> Recharge filter with EEN from skimmer

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