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Building Bigger Muscles Using The “100 Reps” Method


No, not necessarily in a training session, not in a single set! If you have been in the sports activities circles of bodybuilding for a long period now, then you must have heard about this concept before. The actual guys who have been working out within the same gym you’re exercising as well probably have attempted the “100 repeats” method from time to time.

The larger part of the down and dirty bodybuilders have rejected this method. If you look at it coming from a realistic side – it is because of the marathon of repeats. This absolutely is in visitors of the all-known logic rapid fewer repeats, bigger dumbbells – equals bigger muscle tissue growth.

How can a hundred repeat set be effectively intended for building muscle when you have to look for very lightweight in order to finish it? The lack of research about this method leaves us for you to ponder a bit over whether “is it worth it or not”. The comparison between the faults and the advantages will give us all a clear picture of whether typically the technique is of benefit.

What is published until now about this method can be wrong but we would like to be able to that we found a way to boost its efficiency drastically. We have managed to increase the higher level intensiveness to the maximum which often stimulates the muscle expansion process. We will present you with a whole different way of investigating the “100 reps” technique, so you can find how to use this to achieve maximum results.

THE ACTUAL 30% RULE. Firstly we wish to clarify something that frequently is left misunderstood within the old method. In it, a person picks a weight light sufficient to do 100 reps in mere one set without being interrupted. You have to choose a weight to be able to do about 70-80 repetitions ( namely 20-30% from the weight with which you can do 10 reps). To sum the actual reps to a total of one hundred you have to do as much as you possibly can with this particular weight.

When you feel weight loss do a rep more, you need to take a break for so many secs that are left to add to the actual reps you just did to create 100. After waiting such a long time, then make the rest of the repetitions up to 100. For example for those who have reached 75 reps, have a break for 25 moments and then do the remaining 30 reps.

Most bodybuilders who have to use this technique do one set like this for one sort of exercise and 1-to 3 for the separate muscle group. If you don’t recognize anything about the muscle composition you might be wondering – how does a weight so gentle stimulate muscle growth? To start with it should be marked that fat with which you can do 1-6 distributors is best for training muscle tissue strength, and a weight that you just use for a maximum of 7-12 reps is best for muscle tissue growth.

A weight that is above the 12 reps limitation is best for muscle staying power. This is why so many experts believe that the old “100 reps” technique is obsolete and just a waste of time. But think about this — athletes who work just for endurance usually aren’t worried about muscle size. You may include that bodybuilders on the other hand who create reps in the interval 15-25, actually also massively enhance their muscle mass.

Recent studies display that athletes that are being placed under surveillance including a set of 25-30 reps once they have done five sets along with 5 reps each have demonstrated greater muscle growth compared to athletes that have just carried out 5×5 sets as well. Certain 25-30 is very far away through 70-100 which makes it impossible for the people two studies to support the “100 reps” method. Merely the people working in the gym support it by indicating its key benefits of it.

One of the great benefits of the “100 reps” technique is typically the change of your normal training plan. Ask any experienced person bodybuilder about stressing parts of your muscles and he will say nothing but agreement in his response. Typically the muscle is like the individuals brain, if it does a thing long enough it gets FED UP. And with that boredom happens a halt to muscle tissue growth, unless you stress muscle tissue with a different approach.

Revitalizing the muscle fibre. If you choose the “100 reps” technique you stimulate each and every muscle mass fibre in the muscle group you might be training. That is so simply because during a long time of function the overworked muscle fibres stop working, which causes other muscle mass fibres which were firstly ruled out from the workout process to begin working in order for the motion to continue ultimately resulting in higher muscle growth.

Micro Shock to the system. When the “100 reps” technique is used it not only causes almost all muscle fibres to take part in typically the workout but also causes mini traumas in most of them. That could result in feeling your muscles far more pumped up and having some sort of stronger muscle fever later. Muscle fever and the ache in the muscle it reasons are not the only a sign of a fine workout. It also means that mini traumas have appeared from the bigger part of the muscle. One of the ways that muscle tissue grow is by replacing the actual traumatized fibres with completely new – bigger and more robust ones.

Higher level of the Growth Body hormone. The more reps in the procedure and the short breaks, energize a larger secretion of the Growth hormones during the workout. Because the Growth hormones are considered one of the reasons for lean muscle growth, we think it is a great idea to put the “100 reps” method in your workout program on occasion.

More blood in the muscular tissues. The fourth benefit in like this is that an increase of the capillaries occurs, this way supplying lean muscle with the needed nutritious nutritional supplements. The result of supplying more fresh air and blood to the muscular tissue cells immediately leads to considerably better growth.

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