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Buying a Cat Tree, Playground as well as Kitty Condo – Precisely Best For You?


Buying cat pieces of furniture can be a confusing and perhaps monotonous experience. Nothing is more infuriating than to set up a beautiful someone tree only to have your cats completely ignore that! I’ve owned cats my life, and in this article, Items try to share some of our expertise and insight with you to help make your decision a bit less difficult.

There are several factors to consider inside choosing a cat tree, house, tower, playground, or health club. Here, in no certain order, are some things an individual keep in mind:

Your cat’s practices and preferences
Placement and also space requirements
Materials and also construction
Facing your cat want?
In most cases, most cats share particular traits and habits just like curiosity, a desire to hide out in a dark, enclosed room, and love of height – but as every kitten owner knows, each kitten is different!

The first thing I’d advise is to spend a few days spending close attention to your cat’s habits. Where does he or she usually sleep, hang out or perhaps play? What kinds of things will she play with? When you select her up, does the lady want to climb up on your current shoulders? What places have you always been battling to keep the dog out of? The answers to questions should help you determine what features your kitten will appreciate the most.

Capabilities and the kitties who like them:

Kitty Condo: A cat who tends to choose a dark, peaceful corner to sleep in will probably need a model with a kitty property. The same could be said intended for cats who love to take a look at shopping bags, boxes, drawers, and other dark, secret spots. If your household is one of these active types with kids playing and many folks coming and heading, the kitty might just love the tranquility that an enclosed cat condominium brings.

Height: Some pet cats just need to be up high. A few kitties just like to be able to experience everything, and some feel more secure upward above the reach of the family members’ dog or small children. If your cat is always trying to ascend on your shoulders whenever you pick her up or even likes to jump up on countertops, you might consider getting the highest cat tree, kitty fitness center, or playground you can. The floor-to-ceiling tower could be a good solution, and they appear in various configurations – many are very simple and take up not much floor space, and others can be quite detailed. There are also a lot of free-ranking models over six legs tall that will satisfy your own personal cat’s need to look down on us all poor humans!

Secure Slumbering Spot: Our cat Nora always sleeps lean facing something (me, a lounge chair cushion, or the raised top on her favorite cat perch) – she needs the safety of feeling something versus her back to relax seriously. If your cat is a lot like Lucy, you’ll want to be sure that typically the cat tree or gemstone you choose has a place to rest where she’ll feel safe. You might want a sleep holder with raised sides, the curved half moon-shaped space, or a kitty hammock.

Not too Secure Sleeping Spot: Our other cat, George, simply sprawls out anywhere — if your cat is like your pet, he’ll be happy with an open space to nap on.

Statement Post: Pretty much every cat loves to keep an eye on things – it can simply be a survival instinct. Make certain the model you choose features a place where your kitty will want to spend many hours for the day, whether it’s a flat shelf, cat hammock, curved shelf, or oven tray. In addition to the style of typically the observation post, consider the top off the floor and ease of gain access to – especially if your people are elderly or will not get around as well as he is employed.

Kitty Hammocks: We’ve identified that most cats love some sort of hammock, although timid kitties may need some reassurance due to the extra ‘give’ they feel at first when they stomp it. Once they get used to it, it may become a favorite ‘hang out’ (sorry – I could not resist! ). If your kitty is initially unsure about the hammock, put it close to the ground for added peace of mind. As the cat gets used to this, you can move it greater if you like.

Play Tubes: Frolicsome cats like tubes or tunnels because they can charge through them or lie within wait and pounce on unsuspecting passersby – pet or human!


Set up cat furniture you choose offers everything your cat enjoys; if you put it in the incorrect place, he may completely disregard it. Think about where your cat spends time right now – is she the ‘people cat’ who wants to maintain the same room as the other family? Is she more like a loner seeking out and about quiet spots in rarely used house parts? Do they like to look out the screen? (check for nose styles on the glass! )

Yrs ago, we had a fabulous floor for you to ceiling cat tower using multiple shelves, a pet condo – the performs! The only trouble was how the one place in the house where we had space for it must have been a room that was hardly ever employed. Since our cats want to be with us, they by no means used the tree, and we found ourselves donating it to the humane community society. Now we have an inferior cat tree that we retain in the family room where all of us spend much of our period, and the cats use it daily.

If you can place the tree alongside a window, there is a higher likelihood that your cats will use it. A window that opens is best, especially for interior kitties. The smells and sounds from the outdoors could keep them entertained and do the world around them.


This is where you start thinking about your requirements. How much space are you ready and able to devote to kitty furniture, whether it’s a playground, gym, or kitty tree? Be sure to look at all of the dimensions – baseplate measurement, overall dimensions, and levels – and measure the actual you have in mind to make sure it will healthy. Many models are flip-up in design, so you don’t need to put them together exactly as imagined. This can give you a bit of mobility if space is a concern. Look for the phrase ‘modular design’ – not all designs have this feature!

Supplies and Construction

One of the main things to consider here should be how secure and sturdy the kitten furniture is. Cats are not going to use an unsafe or unpredictable tree. Look for broad basics and bottom-heavy models that will keep it from showing when your cat jumps high on it.

Wood: Some kitten furniture manufacturers use hdf, others use particle tables – and they will all claim that the wood they use will be the absolute best! The truth is that each provides advantages and disadvantages.

Plywood is quite solid because it is made from thin tiers of wood, and each level has the grain running in another direction from the previously mentioned layer below. Since the obvious surfaces are covered, the maker can use a lower grade regarding plywood that will have knot showing and maybe a little rough to the touch. So you could have rough exposed wood internally roof of a condo or maybe the underside of the baseplate: not an issue for most individuals, but a good thing to know beforehand.

Particle board is made of tiny wood chips bonded collectively by glue. It is heavier than plywood, so it adds stability to a kitten tree, and the surface is significantly smoother than plywood. More advanced than plywood to break: sometimes corners will computer chip off – but this shouldn’t be a problem within normal use.

Coverings: Carpet or false fur? The debate explosions! Everyone agrees that whatever covering you pick, make sure it is not a round trip carpet or other the money to meet that can catch a get. I’m sure you’ve seen the cat stretch out and get caught in a bedspread and a sofa cushion – in a very relaxed setting, someone is usually able to extricate him or herself, although he may leave a new snag in the fabric! Visualize your cat at major speed romping up and down his / her kitty playground – if your playground is covered with noncut pile new carpet (like Berber) and he captures a claw, it can spark a serious injury.

Carpet is soft and inviting; one of the purposes of cat pieces of furniture is to give your kitties a to sharpen their paws; some folks think carpeted furniture just encourages or perhaps trains your cat to help sharpen his claws for the carpet on your floor. In my opinion, I’ve never had this problem, but I know some people have. If you choose a new carpet, make sure it is a cut-pile new carpet to prevent possible injury from a caught claw. The carpet is secured with staples, which have the potential to stick up in addition to scratch fingers or feet, but well-made cat pieces of furniture do not usually have this problem.

False fur isn’t quite as cozy as carpet, but as long as it is secured with nontoxic glue, there is no prospect of injury from an errant favorite costume. Some manufacturers do favorite costume the fake fur, nevertheless, and it is much harder to help bury a staple with fake fur than in a new carpet – if you choose fake pelt, make sure that it is glued, definitely not stapled. Like the carpet against fake fur debate, the particular staples vs. non-toxic stuff debate is a heated one

particular. As long as the glue is non-toxic and the staples are usually applied properly, glue is the most suitable for fake fur, and staples are best for carpets. Whether or not you choose carpet or dog hair is a matter of personal preference. One nice thing concerning fake fur is that it will be washable – often, types with hammocks are included in fake fur: check to ensure that the hammock covers zip off to help you throw them in the automatic washer.

Sisal Rope: Most professionals agree that sisal string provides an ideal surface for your cat to sharpen the woman’s claws. It’s durable but doesn’t ‘catch’ claws, just like a noncut pile rug. Most cats like the feel of it under their particular paws and will instinctively get started scratching when they feel the item underfoot. All of our someone furniture features sisal piece of string, some on all rods, some in combination with carpet.

Circular Features: Any curved floor on a cat tree is manufactured out of thick cardboard tubes instructions are used in construction, seeing that molds for making real round pillars, among other things. They are sturdy and should last a long time, although be aware that they are cardboard and could be the weakest part of your kitty gym – particularly when they ever get drenched. Look for designs that offer excess support to a curved attribute – two attachment things are better than one!

Expandability and suppleness

If you’re anything like myself, you get bored with your surroundings and need to rearrange the particular furniture now and then. Cats state too, and so many of the types we offer are of a lift-up design which allows you to push them together in more than a proven way and to add or change features later. If this is crucial to you, look for the particular phrase ‘modular design’: not all models have this specific feature!

Price and Other Individual Concerns

Cat furniture can be expensive, but it truly is an investment in your cat’s happiness. A cat with a spot to burn off energy and take a safe nap is much less likely to develop destructive practices like scratching your furnishings or relieving himself outside the litterbox. Indoor cats specifically need some extra stimulation to help keep them from getting weary.

Of course, you have to decide how much to spend on your cats, but you get what you purchase in cat furnishings. If your budget is small, you are better off getting a more compact model than a large low-cost model. Cheap cat furnishings will likely suffer from poor quality supplies and workmanship, cutting their lives short. Also, it will eventually probably be wobbly and, therefore, less appealing to your cats, so they may not use it. You will get lucky, but in my knowledge, cheap cat furniture would be a waste of money.

Aesthetically speaking, your current cat couldn’t care less what the actual cat tree looks like; kittens and cats are much more concerned with features, so please yourself in the natural beauty department! And as far as seeing as color is concerned, cats’ your-eyes optimized for hunting with low light – they don’t see color. So go with a color that works for you, one that matches your decor, or maybe a neutral color that will match the color even if you change your decorating design. Some cat owners pick colors to match their cat’s pelt, so the cat hair will not show as much. Others are a very different color to encourage them to keep the cat sapling vacuumed – color is purely a personal decision. All of these will not affect your cat’s enjoyment one way or the different!

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