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Crown molding is an excellent addition to any little bathroom.


The bathroom is the one room that never seems to be large enough. Unless you live in a huge house, the odds are that your toilet is of average size and looks much smaller because of the accumulation of clutter in front of and behind the door. Small bathrooms may feel even less cramped with a few well-placed decorative touches and careful organization.

Using pastel shades of pink, blue, green, lavender, or cream can help a room appear more open and airy while also inducing a sense of calm and relaxation. Towels, the shower curtain, the rug, and the toilet seat cover can all benefit from a splash of color to serve as accents. Adding light to a bathroom does wonders for creating the impression of space. Recessed can lighting can be installed in the ceiling and directed at a specific work area. Light up your tiny bathroom with wall sconces or a table lamp. A skylight, more expansive windows, or Solar tubes can be added to a room with the correct planning and funding to make it feel even more spacious.

Examine your immediate surroundings and make an assessment. Is so massive vanity essential? Consider installing a wall- or pedestal-mounted sink in its place to make more room on the ground. Put up a shelf above the toilet or rearrange the linen closet if you need extra space to keep items. One trick you can use to make your tiny bathroom look bigger is to use a shower curtain instead of a shower door. To add depth to your shower, try switching out the frosted glass door for a clear one. This may not be possible with your current shower design.

Get rid of anything that isn’t necessary. Sometimes it takes being unable to see the countertop before we notice how much stuff we’ve accumulated. Try limiting the number of towels you hang up, keeping wall art to a minimum, and focusing on one sizeable decorative piece rather than several small ones. Substitute white or light-colored tiles for any dark flooring. You may buy cheap and simple-to-install tiles from retail outlets, including Wal-Mart, Home Depot, liquidators, and some budget stores. A comprehensive, light-colored rug in front of the tub or shower is an excellent alternative to replacing the flooring.

If you want to decorate your little bathroom with art, consider hanging a massive painting of the outdoors, such as a garden or a meadow. This will enrich the space in a new way. Painting a lattice or molding design along the border of your small bathroom ceiling is another easy and inexpensive way to give the illusion of a higher ceiling. Crown molding with a cutout for shadow lighting is another option for bringing coziness to a space of limited dimensions. Architectural details enhance the aesthetic appeal of an area of any size.

Spend less money by instructing yourself on how to install crown molding. You can learn how to do it by consulting online tutorials and videos. A vast mirror will reflect light and create the illusion of more space, and you can utilize any extra trim molding to create a decorative frame for it. These suggestions are essential, cheap, and accessible to just about anyone. With just a little planning and imagination, you can make your tiny toilet room look like it has twice as much space.

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