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How to Customize a Multi Tool


Promotional multitools make an ideal present for many recipients, being multipurpose branded items that can be used at the office, at home, or while traveling. Learn the best info about custom multi tool.

If you like being creative and trying your hand at MacGyvering things, there are numerous ways to personalize and customize a multitool and make it your own. Here are just a few ideas:

1. Change the Color of the Steel Bits

Standard multitools typically come in stainless or black finishes; for something different, try switching up the colors of its steel bits for an unconventional look.

Blueing steel using a blow torch is an increasingly popular process; YouTube offers tutorials to guide this process.

Custom multitools make the perfect present, especially with their paracord lanyard for easy carrying and access. Add an engraved message or date to add extra personalization and give someone something they won’t forget!

2. Change the Grind

Multitools are an efficient and cost-effective way of getting multiple tools in one compact device, and they make excellent gifts.

Custom multitools offer endless customization opportunities. A simple modification could make all the difference, changing the grind of its knife blade. For instance, survival-style blades often feature high flat grinds that don’t meet your requirements well.

Modifying your multitool with a paracord lanyard is another easy modification that will enable you to evade potentially hazardous situations more safely. Attaching this cord allows for safe exit from buildings or any other potentially risky situations.

3. Make Your Sheath

No matter your skill set or desired outcome, multiple tools offer endless ways for personal customization. Here are a few great tips to get you going:

Switch out a large screwdriver for a smaller handy knife, or change up its straight blade with one that features a pry bar blade.

Engraved promotional multitools make great presents for both households and business organizations, offering practical assistance during camping trips or just in everyday use. Furthermore, these handy and thoughtful items make great logo gifts to celebrate clients, assistant coaches, or employees.

4. Change the Screwdriver

Customize your multitool using text, images, or unique patterns with ease, thanks to Leatherman Custom Shop’s user-friendly platform.

Check for quality materials; multitools made of 420HC stainless steel have tight opening/closing action with a minimal wobble, while good blades should be made from high-grade materials like 154CM that offer a solid feel and have fast construction. Some brands even provide replacement blades, such as Skeletool RX, with partially serrated blades replaced by file tools to aid EMTs in cutting straps and cords.

5. Change the Blade

Changing the blade on your multitool is an easy and safe process that can significantly enhance its functionality. Frequent checks and replacement of the blade will keep it sharp for optimal cutting performance and ensure optimal cutting performance.

Make sure that before beginning any multitool activity, safety should always come first by unplugging or removing its battery pack and wearing protective gear such as gloves and safety goggles in order to minimize injuries.

Customizable multitools make for thoughtful gifts that your recipients can easily transport around with them. Engrave their company logo or other text onto these functional gadgets for even greater functionality and attractiveness.

6. Change the Bits

Personalized multitools make great presents because they combine various functions into a compact tool and look great with their logo engraved on them.

Modifying the bits on your multitool can be an easy and effective way to customize its function, such as switching out its large screwdriver for something like a pry bar.

Gerber’s custom center-drive multitool was engineered to take on real challenges. As the only multitool featuring a full-sized center-axis driver that aligns like a regular screwdriver for maximum torque and rotation, it makes up an exceptional toolkit.

7. Change the Color of the Scales

Add a custom pocket clip to your multitool to increase functionality and style. Many brands provide multiple pocket clip options, so visit their websites to see what options may be available.

Add an individualistic touch by altering the scale color. This is usually accomplished using a process known as “bluing,” similar to heat anodization, which can be found on knife thumb studs and lockbar stabilizers.

Personalized multitools make great presents for friends, family, employees, and clients. Their compact size is easy to transport, while their laser engraving looks fantastic!

8. Change the Color of the Screwdriver

Color-coordinating your multitool can add an easy way to add some flair. There are various colors and patterns available online.

These accessories can make multitools more accessible and more convenient to carry and store and may even come in handy in an emergency should the need arise. Attaching a paracord lanyard may also prove invaluable – something many multitool users find themselves doing more frequently!

9. Change the Color of the Blade

Personalized multitools make great personalized presents for many occasions and events, from key chains to full-sized camping tools. Furthermore, these handy accessories serve as excellent promotional giveaways across numerous business industries.

Some brands provide interchangeable blades so you can quickly swap out tools you no longer use with ones more suitable to your daily tasks. Gerber Gear’s custom program even enables users to design an exceptional Center Drive multitool explicitly tailored for them!

10. Change the Color of the Scales

Modifying the scale colors on a multitool is an easy and accessible way to personalize its appearance, and there are numerous tutorials online showing you how to do it.

Add a paracord lanyard to your multitool for both style and functionality, giving it that MacGyver flair that customers of travel companies and outdoor stores appreciate. Sure to impress!

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