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How to Find a Reliable House Cleaning Service and Have Your Home Cleaned to Perfection


You’ve finally decided to hire a professional cleaning agency for your home. That’s fantastic! However, you may wonder, “How can I trust someone in my home, or better yet, with a key to my house?” You want quality service at a reasonable price but also to feel safe.

Professional maid services are experiencing consistent demand. Outsourcing these, sometimes less than desirable, duties is becoming increasingly popular as more people see the financial benefits of doing so. The most significant advantage of having a maid service come to your house is the time you save cleaning and the time and energy you save from no longer dreading or avoiding this task.

There are many factors to consider when deciding on a cleaning agency for your home. Given the importance of privacy, trust is essential. Customers rarely do their research or ask the right questions.

Major Two Concerns
Work with a Reliable Organization – It’s possible to hire a reliable “private party” to clean your house. You are an employer if you employ a person rather than a business to clean your home for a set amount of money per year. If they don’t report and pay taxes on the money you give them, you could be held responsible (and it would probably make headlines on CNN the next time you ran for cabinet). Furthermore, you may be held accountable if an employee is injured while working in your house.

Hiring a cleaning service mitigates these problems if done correctly. Payroll taxes, Workers’ Compensation, and liability insurance should all fall on the business owner. Training programs are another hallmark of a professional business. As a customer, you are released from all responsibility and danger. That kind of assurance merits an additional twenty dollars. That’s the case.

You should hire an expert, but not based on looks alone – You still need to research, even if a company has fancy business cards and a website that can compete with Microsoft. When deciding which cleaning service to employ, keep the following in mind:

When will you be coming to tidy my house? 1. Do they hire regular workers or freelancers? No matter the case, you should feel secure knowing that you have the safeguards you would expect from an expert service. Do they employ single people or groups? Investigate the reasoning behind their chosen strategy. There is no one “right” company model. Just make sure the business you’re considering hiring has good intentions. The Internal Revenue Service provides a helpful online tool to distinguish between an employee and independent worker status.

Do they examine applicants’ backgrounds for criminal history and potentially screen employees? Background reviews and pre-employment screening are essential practices that all services should adhere to. Modern technology has enabled even the tiniest businesses to utilize online resources affordably. You should inquire about their recruiting procedure and adherence to policy.

Does adequate insurance cover them? General liability insurance and workers’ compensation are part of the insurance package. It’s not a bad idea to request proof of insurance. Given the premiums they charge, they should be proud to show you their insurance policy.

Do they promise your complete satisfaction? Just what are the steps involved? How long do I have to wait to submit issues after a service has been performed? No matter how well a service is provided or how thorough an employee training program may be, the fact remains that it is fallible humans who are doing the cleaning. If the team is having a “bad day,” you, the client, should rest assured that the business will make things right.

5. Who will I trust with the key to my home? The goal is… How can I know I won’t get hurt? This is a significant issue, but few clients voice their worries. Do you have to sign out the keys every day? When they are not being used, where do the keys go? Where do you keep them? Have you put them in jail? To whose account are they? Is there any way to tell where they go if they get misplaced or stolen? Remove any house information or other identifying marks from the key. Find out the procedure for replacing or re-keying locks if a key is ever lost or taken.

Are you a couple? Tell your peers, family, and loved ones not to ask this, and don’t ask it yourself. Don’t even pretend to wonder this. In all but the most severe circumstances, it isn’t very sensible. A bond can be bought for as little as $200 per year for a small business (it is not insurance, but insurance agents issue them). The low cost of bonds begs the question: why? Since claims on them are uncommon, their price is minimal. If an employee steals from the company, is discovered, tried, and found guilty, the bond will compensate the company. Background checks were prohibitively expensive for most modest businesses before the advent of the Internet. The hiring procedure used to be more complicated and fraught with

“situations” than today. Thanks to abundant available resources, today’s home cleaning service providers have it simple. However, rather than go through the hoops above every time a customer asks if they are bonded, most home cleaning services go ahead and purchase the bond to save themselves the trouble. Think of how hip you’ll appear when the topic of maid services inevitably comes up at that martini party you’re attending.

7. Do you share the same understanding? A breakdown in communication between a cleaning agency and its client is usually to blame when things go wrong. The owner of a reputable cleaning business should take the time to explain the process and the results you can anticipate. Hear what they have to say and take it to heart. Even better, perhaps they have eye-catching printed papers that explain the benefits you can expect from using their service. What one individual considers clean may not be pure to another, as everyone has different “hot buttons” (standards of cleanliness). It’s human nature to do so. For some, it’s a freshly scrubbed basin; for others, it’s a perfectly made bed. Try to pin down where on the spectrum of pickiness you lie. If you feel that something crucial is being overlooked, speak up. Do not take it for granted that it will be completed or that they will “just know.”

8. What should I do if I am unhappy with the service I obtain? You may not know your cleaning “hot buttons” until after the first, second, or third time you do a thorough job. Take notice of what these are, as a side note. If you pay careful attention to what they are, you can avoid spending years in therapy.

I’m crossing my fingers that some things you discover about your expert cleaning crew are pleasant surprises. It’s essential to deal with “things” that annoy you. Verify that your outlook wasn’t merely influenced by a tough day at the workplace. Make a phone call and let the proprietor/manager know how you feel. The truth is the most prosperous service providers value and invites critique. It’s the best way to improve the company; the experts will appreciate the help. It can wait until your next appointment if it’s a minor issue. They dispatch the crew back to fix it if it’s important to you. They should be eager to comply as quickly as is practical. Remember that you two are in a close connection and that intimate relationships require open lines of communication.

Get the right questions in now. (You have a few other unsolicited pieces of life-changing advice to boot). Get the high-quality assistance you require and deserve by inquiring appropriately. It will unquestionably improve your standard of living. Some advice: the best days are when you forget the cleaning crew is arriving and walk into a spotless, fragrant home. Nice!

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