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How to Reset a Hikvision Password


If you need to reset the password on a Hikvision device, there are various methods available to you depending on its type and manufacturer – some simple, others more complex. Read the Best info about هایک ویژن.

Hikvision technical support will return security codes that can help reset the password on recorders or NVRs.

How to Reset a Password on a Hikvision Device

Resetting a password on a Hikvision device is an essential step towards protecting the security of your surveillance system, yet it can often be complex without guidance. In this article, we’ll take you through each step necessary to reset an NVR, DVR, or IP camera’s password and ensure maximum safety for its use.

To begin, connect the device to your LAN network and install the Hikvision SDAP tool on your computer. With both items in place, use the SADP tool to search online machines and reset passwords.

Launching the SADP tool and choosing your camera as the one requiring password resetting will then enable you to click Forgot Password button and Reset Password by User Name or Email Address or Reset Password by Mobile Phone Number or Reset Password by Resetting User or Email Address/ Mobile Phone Number and receive a verification code which must be entered on login page, followed by entering in a new password on Reset Password Page.

Hikvision devices allow users to reset their password easily by exporting a GUID file and sending it over to technical support, who will run their password tool and generate a security code.

Resetting a Password on a Hikvision NVR

Hikvision NVRs and DVRs are top video surveillance devices used to keep an eye on homes or businesses, accessible remotely with internet connections or using Hik-Connect apps on both Android and iOS devices.

But if you forget your Hikvision device’s password, access may become impossible. Luckily, there are various methods available to reset its password – some more secure than others, but all working similarly. SADP software provides one such way; it enables searching online devices and can reset passwords if they become forgotten.

To utilize this method, connect your computer and Hikvision device to the same network. After joining, open SADP and click “Export.” After that, you will be asked for a security code, which must then be entered before clicking “Confirm.” This will reset your Hikvision password.

Alternatively, you can use the NVR/DVR local GUI to reset the password. Click on the left bottom of the login interface, enter your username and password, and then click “OK.” Afterward, the interface will pop up again, where you can change your default password by clicking the option “Password.”

This method works for cameras running firmware older than 5.3.0 as well as recorders manufactured prior to 2017. At the same time, this solution works on older models, as it offers less security than other password reset methods.

You can use the SADP tool to reset your password if you have forgotten it. This free program allows you to search online devices and reset their passwords, providing that they have working Internet connectivity and you provide their serial number. Please be aware that it only supports specific versions of Hikvision products; thus, you should only attempt it if yours are compatible.

Resetting a Password on a Hikvision DVR

If you own a Hikvision DVR, NVR, or IP camera and need help changing or resetting its password, use the Hikvision Password Reset Tool as an easy way to reset or alter it without calling for service from a technician. In addition, Hikvision will also offer technical support via this tool if necessary.

Step one is downloading SADP software from Hikvision’s website and connecting your computer to the network where the device resides. Next, launch SADP software and select your device – SADP will search online machines and display a list with them; once this list has been shown, choose one and click “Forget Password.”

Once you select your device, the password reset page will appear on your local GUI. Entering the code you received from Hikvision’s technical support team is necessary to reset it; once completed, you’ll gain access to its video recording and security settings.

Hikvision DVR password reset options involve different hardware requirements; if none are met locally by technical support representatives, you will need to contact support with the serial number and date of purchase details provided as necessary.

Instead, contact the manufacturer’s customer service department and request a security code for your device. Send them your Start Time and Serial Number; they’ll give you one, and you can enter it on its GUI page to reset its password.

This method is recommended when you can’t remember or update your password through the local GUI. When setting this method up, try not to choose an obvious password like 12345, as hackers may easily break through it.

Resetting a Password on a Hikvision IP Camera

If you need to reset a password on a Hikvision device, there are various methods available. Each depends on its manufacturer and model; some require software tools, while others are more straightforward. Step one in this process should be to locate your serial number – essential when generating a reset code; you can find this on either the screen itself or from viewing its camera feed via a web browser; alternatively, use the system date instead if unsure.

Once you know the serial number, use SADP software from Hikvision’s website to generate a new password for the camera. Connect your camera to the network and run SADP – once chosen, it will search online devices before offering to reset passwords on devices already found – click “Forget Password” once selected!

Alternative password reset solutions include using third-party applications to reset a password. This method is more straightforward than using the official Hikvision app, which may be confusing and time-consuming. These third-party applications work on most Hikvision models and should connect seamlessly. Just ensure that you use a secure network environment, as hackers may monitor it!

Some cameras include a small reset button that can be easily activated with a paperclip or pin, typically found on the back and labeled as “Reset.” It would be best if you held down this button for several seconds in order to restore its default settings – for instructions, referring to your manual may be helpful.

Hikvision NVR, DVR, and IP camera password resets are easily accomplished using their Hik-Connect app – it’s free from their website! Once downloaded and installed on a mobile device, open it up and navigate directly to the NVR or DVR you wish to reset its password on. Logging in will bring up a screen asking you for a security code; enter it using Start Time + Device Serial Number as this combination code, then scan the QR Code, which verifies you’ve successfully reset your password on it.

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