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Influencer Marketing Agency


Influencers have the power to draw in large audiences while also driving real growth for brands. Their authentic content and social media accounts can drive traffic that converts into sales. Choose the best seo agency sydney.

The Influencer Marketing Factory is an influential marketing agency dedicated to engaging Gen Z and Millennial audiences on TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram. Their pioneering efforts of TikTok influencer marketing span everything from influencer identification and data-led ROI analysis.


Upfluence is an online cloud-based influencer search and content management solution designed to assist companies in marketing their products. Users have access to an extensive database of influencers for evaluation; users can evaluate potential brand representatives based on data related to statistics, geolocation, engagement rate, etc.

Upfluance’s network includes over 3m influencers. Users can search our directory using more than 20 criteria – from social media type and industry, location, and engagement rate to the kind of personae they need for collaboration.

TikTok and other video-sharing platforms such as YouTube and Instagram. Their services include influencer discovery, campaign creation/management/administration, and influencer payment processing.


Summer Marketing Agency has been creating influencer campaigns since 2016. Their services include audience targeting, influencer identification, content production, campaign management, and helping brands determine KPIs and strategies that maximize their potential.

CringeCarter recently led an influencer-led campaign for Dunkin’ Donuts that was an incredible success while working closely with FOREO on their 7 Days of Christmas campaign, which boasted impressive results, reaching over 305,000 views, 183,000 likes, and 79% growth on FOREO’s TikTok channel.

Socially Powerful

Working with an influencer marketing agency can save time and money as a business owner. They’ll handle every step of your campaign from planning through execution; plus, they can create campaigns that reach a wide variety of people while producing an excellent return on investment.

IMA is an influencer agency that creates custom campaigns using its network of top influencers, bloggers, and vloggers. Their “7 Days of Christmas” TikTok campaign for FOREO proved its effectiveness by garnering over 300,000 views and 183,000 likes!

Ritual Network

Ritual Network is an industry-leading multi-channel YouTube network. It connects influencers and brands through YouTube videos to create campaigns with high returns on investment, reaching their goals and KPIs while reaching audience targeting goals successfully.

This company provides TikTok and YouTube marketing services. Among their clients are Dunkin Donuts and FOREO; influencer campaigns include CringeCarter x Dunkin’ and 7 Days of Christmas for FOREO, respectively. In addition, this firm assisted Korea Tourism Organization in promoting VisitKorea from Home.

The ritual may cancel your order if it cannot complete for any reason, including limited quantities available, incorrect product or pricing information, or issues identified by its credit and fraud avoidance department.

Goat Agency

Since 2015 Goat first established itself in London, and its operations have expanded quickly into New York and Singapore. Goat is now a leading provider of influencer marketing campaigns using short-form social apps like TikTok, offering campaign management, influencer identification/sourcing/contracting/reporting/analysis, and data-led ROI analyses.

Goat’s leaders believe influencer marketing should be considered performance media and use data to guarantee results at a fixed price. Their customer relationship management system and campaign expertise enable them to identify influencers who meet client objectives. GroupM’s media investment operation plans on merging Goat with Inca as their influencer marketing solution.


Gleam is a software platform designed to assist businesses such as iPhone app developers and Twitch channels to expand their audiences via giveaways and contests. Customers have raved about its marketing app suite, which has received positive reviews.

Its giveaway widget offers an intuitive user interface for entrants, with all required actions laid out and explained – such as visiting a website to earn one entry point while providing feedback or referring friends will yield additional entries.

The Full Package Plan starts from $397 monthly and provides access to all Gleam apps, such as Competitions, Rewards (with an Action limit of 10), Galleries, and Captures.

M& C Saatchi Social

M& C Saatchi Social is an advertising agency specializing in influencer talent management and campaign activation, serving clients such as Dunkin’ Donuts, FOREO, and VisitKorea with campaigns that achieve maximum engagement and reach. It has achieved exceptional results for each campaign it has undertaken.

It offers full-service influencer marketing to brands looking to engage Gen Z and millennial audiences on TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram. They identify influencers while helping brands target audiences to ensure that their goals and KPIs are fulfilled.

The company prides itself on having an inclusive culture and offering numerous employee benefits such as paid parental leave and other family-oriented policies. Employees enjoy working for this dynamic firm.

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