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The best way to Integrate Pinterest With Facebook or myspace Page


If you have a Facebook or myspace business page and a Pinterest business account – why don’t you integrate both in a mutually beneficial strategy? If you have any following or one or both of these styles of platforms, you can develop that on additional social media tools. There’s no need to start from scratch, but it needs some careful planning to avoid spamming your supporters with similar messages on all social networks. And that’s just what I will talk about in this post.

In June 2013, Pinterest got 70 million users, accordance to the Paris-based social media research organization Semiocast. Businesses have much to gain from Pinterest (and social media in general): new clients, more engaged customers, and revenue. According to a June 2013 report by market brains firm Visioncritical, four in ten social media users have purchased an item online or perhaps in-store after “favoriting” or perhaps sharing it on Pinterest, Twitter, or Facebook. Practically half – 47 percent – of Pinterest customers say they pinned and also purchased something after basically stumbling across it on the spot, not because of a focused hunt for the item.

So how can you acquire help from your Facebook enthusiasts to build a following on Pinterest? And how to integrate Pinterest with the Facebook page? Just about any to get you started.

Get a Pinterest case on your Facebook business website

1 . Install a software package on your Facebook page Pinterest tab, or use the wood box. Com. Woobox is the software package that allows you to create your Pinterest website tab on your Facebook Web site. You’re allowed one no-cost Pinterest tab; after that, they have $29/month per Page for all you apps you want to use.

Minimal payments Create a tab for your Zynga page so that when people read your posts or become aware of you, they will also see that you are on Pinterest. The case allows followers to view your complete boards on Pinterest while remaining on the Zynga platform (woodbox only); they are only taken to Pinterest after replying or commenting.

In addition, with woodbox, you can involve users to like your Zynga page before viewing your personal Pinterest tab, show your boards and pins formed just like they are on Pinterest, and get complete stats to get page views, visits, in addition to likes, segmented by lovers and nonfans who perspective your tab.

Post Pinterest links as updates with Facebook Page

Share often the direct link to your Pinterest page as a status change, letting people know exactly why they should follow you on both platforms. Be specific regarding the type of value you are creating on Pinterest for your followers.

Take action more than once – use diverse board visuals and different information to test what works. With merely a fraction of your fans online at each moment, you can’t assume all of them to notice this coming from just a single update and also take action – follow an individual on Pinterest!

Promote specific boards on Facebook

In Pinterest, followers can select whether to follow all of your planks or just a few, and with this specific in mind – you may be more fortunate to promote specific boards to your Facebook followers. You might have a table related to a specific product or service, enterprise, nonbusiness-related planks, and boards related to your additional businesses or passions: not everything might be of great interest or relevant to your lovers. So test a few to check out what works.

Update your status using uploading an image of a PIN to Facebook, adding a brief description, and adding a link to the specific board. A compelling impression is given more space on the Zynga newsfeed than just link instructions, so your update is more likely to get seen by your fans.

Write up a link to your Pinterest motherboard as a status update using an image of one of your codes. This will automatically generate a perception. A full board preview could be generated by posting the actual board’s direct URL; this can also include the text in your panel description (you can arrange and change it in the board’s settings on Pinterest).

Make sure you write a full description whenever setting up your boards and create use of the space beneath the panel title. If you haven’t carried out this when setting up your boards, it’s easy to edit all of them now.

Promoting a particular flag

In the same way as promoting a specific board, a specific pin may be used, choose one which highlights the worth you are providing.

Posting an immediate link to a pin will automatically produce an image from the pin, the board’s name, and the caption gave. Optimize name and caption for effect – to grab attention, communicate value, and use the correct keywords.

Promote Pinterest competitions on Facebook

Contests, as well as promotions, are viral on Pinterest, just as they are on Facebook. They are an effective way to push traffic to your site and improve your followers. There are very few limitations regarding how contests and promotions are hosted on Pinterest, so take advantage of both platforms by simply promoting your Pinterest sweepstakes or promotion on Fb and encouraging your supporters to participate. This could be where the “carrot” needs to act and follow your forums on Pinterest.

You can check the latest brand guidelines for running content on Pinterest here.

Another benefit of Pinterest content is that it creates great engagement between your followers and will usually translate to enhanced engagement on your Facebook site. Higher engagement on your Fb page would result in Fb treating your other updates far more favorably in the newsfeed struggle for space and attain. So a possible side effect is rapid Facebook engagement, and reach will grow.

What kind of content can you carry on Pinterest?

Check these cases on pinboards here. And this is Hubspot’s review of 6 Pinterest contests that previously worked (and why! ).

And an app for that way, too… use woodbox, short stack, or maybe fishpond to manage your sweepstakes. Alternatively, you can create a minisite/landing page on your website to elucidate the details of your contest, tips on how to enter, T&Cs, and keep anyone updated on the progress.

Critical components of a successful Pinterest sweepstakes

Offer a reasonable price that could motivate your followers to accomplish this; the more you offer rapidly, the more action you could keep these things take to enter;
Your solutions could be used as a reward, too – design solutions, personal styling, SEO evaluation, etc .;
Ask entrants to follow along with you on Pinterest to be able to build your following;
Ask them to develop a board with a specific title and description; this will market your contest to fans of the person who entered;
Keep these things and pin at least ten what to that board to create a specific theme; several items should be from your website – this can share your content with a broad audience and create backlinks for your content;
Entrants must publish the board’s URL on the form or by e-mail (like the example above), ask them to opt into newsletter sign-up and make your email list simultaneously.
Put your competition information and entry contact form behind the “like-gate” on Facebook. You could build your Fb fanbase too – nevertheless, beware of creating too many “hoops” for your entrants to hop through, or you won’t receive enough entries!
Ensure that your sweepstakes are mobile-friendly – almost all users of Facebook along with Pinterest are on mobile phones, so they need to be able to access your own personal “submission” tab or application form to enter;
Ensure that your regulations are clear in your Agreements, including the judging criteria, mainly if you promote or typically run the contest as a Facebook iphone app;
By spreading the word using social media, your blog, and your e-zine, you will also encourage your existing followers to engage on another social network.
Never allow it to go on too long rapid two weeks is sufficient time for some contest to gain momentum along with enough entries to make a choice;
Consider your target market – precisely what would encourage them to spend time experimenting with pins and making a new board. If you are a style boutique, asking them to develop a board that symbolizes the actual Autumn 2013 look most excellent could work well. Your knowing criteria would reward the meaning of the latest fashions and creativity.
Your action now:

if you have a Pinterest bank account, install a Pinterest tab about Facebook;
use status revisions to promote boards and pin codes;
ensure descriptions, titles, along with captions are optimized on your boards – and images through your website have links back in the site;
plan your Pinterest/Facebook marketing strategy – what revisions you will post and how you may add value.
Extra brownie points – plan along with running a Pinterest contest. Talk about your progress in responses below – I’d adore entering your contests along with WIN: )

My name is Tamara Baranova. I run TJConsulting, and I help small business owners expand their businesses through practical online marketing mentoring assistance, ance, and training. My consumers see their business have great results, grow fast, and produce healthy profits through an internet marketing strategy that works.

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