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The reason I Love Tea


I love teas, I realize it takes a big part of my life. Five years have got past since my 1st contact with unflavored loose leaf tea. I actually don’t feel any obsession with caffeine, but I know the pattern of tea is guiding the living. Today, I just asked myself personally ”why? ”. Why will I do all this for a few results? Then, I tried to set my arguments on a document and I ended up with this:

1- It tastes great

Here is the most complex nonalcoholic consumption I have come across. Tea is usually so diverse, depending on everywhere it grows, how ways to processed, how you brew the item… I taste tea quite as I enjoy music, Now I am a very visual person I transform what I hear, truly feel smell, or taste, into a picture. When I smell tea leaves, I try to imagine whereby place I could walk to achieve the same fragrance: it can be a do, a wooden house brimming with flowers with a fireplace device, or just a piece of soil, having moss and mushrooms… We can be very imaginative this is exactly why I love it, drinking tea leaf is good for developing creativity, cardiovascular disease complex the tea, cardiovascular disease stuff in your mental graphic.

2- Tea is a very cutting-edge of using the subject

I love science, in addition to studying tea leads someone to learn more chemistry, agronomy, environmentally friendly science… You get interested in stuff you’d never thought about, mad things that can sound unproductive to most: oxygen 18, eco-system services, degradation of glyphosate in soil… Because of tea leaf, I’m studying environmental scientific disciplines at university, I love the item because I can relate the item to something I have found and that I taste every day.

Tea is also a great method to obtain Culture, maybe the good experience you have when you’re drinking tea leaves pushes people to have mad philosophical questions and that is how human thinking moves frontward. In China, especially, students have a strong relationship with having tea. So far, the main societal improvement tea pushed my family to do has been to learn China; I wouldn’t have tested out if I didn’t like tea leaf, but now, I agree it is an incredibly rewarding language. It is practical because you can find Chinese sound systems almost everywhere on the planet. It is also benefitting due to its large vocabulary: by means of learning this language, you will be introduced to new concepts (for example Qi气, Xuwei 虚伪, or the mighty Mei Banfa! 没办法! ).

3- Wanderlust

Have you noticed that tea merely grows in beautiful international locations? China, India, Kenya, Perú… a real call of the untamed. Tea has brought me for you to China and India, nevertheless, I’m really looking forward to taking a look at the other producing countries. Mastering tea has led me to the most memorable experiences around me. Exploring a tea spot is very much like looking for a prize, or a hidden Inca grave: you spend hours in inadequate buses, meet very peculiar people, cross into banned areas, have great foods in the countryside, get dropped in the jungle, and finally, a person reaches the tea trees and shrubs, taste their leaves, as well as prepare for another trip…

4- Tea is an endless supply of learning

One day, a green tea master told me that, right after 40 years of drinking green tea, he was still learning something brand new every day. Tea is an extremely deep subject, as I discussed earlier, it includes many side-studies, however, there is even more than this particular…

Tea can be seen from various perspectives, it can be very simple or even extremely complex, but in each case, it is deep. Frequently, tea masters have 2 kinds of thinking, they can discuss very accurate and pragmatic subjects: how tea ought to be plucked, at which temperature you need to fry the leaves whether it’s raining… but they are also in a position to simply enjoy a cup of tea, without having talking about it. In fact, More than likely a tea master can also enjoy a tea bag considerably more than an Englishman since one of the things tea teaches you might be simple. Why is it so?

Mastering tea is not a thready process. When learning maths, you first learn the improvement, in primary school; if you take a Ph.D. in maths, you study very sophisticated things but what you have mastered in primary school remains to be true, in this way, this is thready learning: the more you learn, the harder you know. When it is too herbal tea, I would say it is mare like a cyclic pattern: you increase some knowledge, and one moment, it is destroyed by a herbal tea you drink or a man or woman you meet, and you realize that you just were wrong, that you were missing something. Having your prior knowledge destroyed is actually a noticeable difference, let’s say it’s like developing a house: you start it using basic materials, expand the idea and add new floors. Eventually, it gets too heavy along with collapses, but then, you understand a great deal better how to build good foundations, a person construct it again, utilizing more solid material, broaden it, adding new flooring… until next time it collapses! There goes the way of studying tea, there goes the pattern of evolution, we learn from what we should know wrong.

This is also the reason why there should be tolerance among green tea amateurs, everybody is a college student, and will always be a student. Right after one year of drinking ”fine” green tea, I kind of despised people who drank tea bags as well as flavored tea. One year later on, I realized I was incorrect because the teas I was consuming one year from there were really of poor quality by the new standards. I must acknowledge that, if on the very first time I entered a green tea shop, I had been given the Pu-erh tea, I would most likely have said I prefer flavored green tea bags because they do have the taste and they are not sour and so on…

Having a blog is actually cool because you can read exactly what you’ve written in the past. I really hope in five years, I am going to have a good laugh reading through my first articles, which will mean I’ll have enhanced myself. Being tolerant, is really an important thing tea has trained me.

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