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The way to Clean Golf Grips and also Why You Should Be Doing It


When’s the last time you applied clean golf grips?

Now I’m willing to bet that 99. 9% of golfers don’t ever clean their golf side grips. And that’s quite alright. Hell, there are enough things to stress about when preparing yourself for a round of golf, why make an effort worrying about your grips suitable? I’d be scared to look into your scientific reasons for advertising and marketing have clean golf side grips. I bet there are some rather nasty things on people’s grips. But this just simply looks annoying am I right?!

Very well let me give you a quick report on why I clean up my grips as much as possible and I believe you should as well (if you recently want the step-by-step information then scroll down to the underside, but you’ll miss that cool story)…

When I seemed to be younger I was watching my very own golf coach at the time clean up his grips the morning before a match the next day.

I asked him, “What’s the point of that? You just accomplished up practicing. ”

“Sandy, you probably have never cleaned your personal grips in your life, have you? micron he replied.

I thought concerning this, “Hmmm, ya I clean up them once or twice a year. micron I said.

“That’s rather typical”, he said. “Do you want to hear why My partner and I clean my grips daily after a round or train session? ”

“Every morning?! ” I questioned, “That seems ridiculous. Isn’t that a waste of time? ”

“Is coziness feel on the golf course a new waste of time or a waste of effort? micron he answered.

I could find where he was going with that. He ended up telling us a long story about a friend of his who was an aspiring pro on the PGA Tour of Australasia. Mike Geary was just getting intending as a pro and be able to qualify as an alternate for any New Zealand Open this year. It was one of the much larger events on the Tour as well as had done well to be an alternate. He was some sort of rookie, and to get the possibility to play in this tournament must have been a huge opportunity for him. Nonetheless, as an alternative he has not been quite sure whether although make it in. He likewise hadn’t been playing way too great leading up to the event. The confidence was a little bit hit.

This guy had basically cast aside hope in the tournament. ?t had been the day before play started out and there wasn’t an area for him yet. Until eventually that evening he acquired the call he was hoping for. One of several players had pulled out with the injury. He was going to be in the tournament! He was excited. It is necessary poorly he had been participating in, this was a great event to buy and a great chance for him or her to earn some money. This particular terrific news only survived a moment though, because if he looked at the groupings this individual nearly fainted. For the very first two days of the tournament has been going to be playing with none besides Tiger Woods. Tiger had won 2 major championships earlier that year and was as intimidating as ever.

My trainer spoke with his friend this evening and tried to relax him. He proposed that he just stick to the routine, clean his club sets and prepare mentally.

This kind of player was very butt about having clean club sets because it made them appear brand new. He figured that whenever he looked and experienced good on the course, this individual played better. Funnily sufficient, this did not include their grips. He had never washed them before in his living. My coach told your pet to try it out for once. Through the sounds of it, he had already been telling him this for a long time, but the guy wouldn’t pay attention. But at this point his video game needed a ‘shake up’, so he gave this a go. He liked anything else being slick and ‘new’ feeling, so why not his grabs as well.

He stayed on for an hour that night wiping straight down his grips and getting reduce the grease, dirt as well as chemicals on them (there will be a lot of gross stuff that may attach itself to your grips). Over the next two days, this individual played some of the best golf associated with his life alongside the actual #1 golfer in the world. Created the cut by one shot and made some money this weekend. From that point on he washed his grips thoroughly every single round or exercise session, so they were thoroughly clean and ready to go for the next day. This individual couldn’t believe the ‘stickiness’ of the grips after cleansing them. It was an experience he couldn’t golf not have from that point on.

So, feeling prompted by this story my mentor told me, I decided I had to get started cleaning my grips far too. And I have to say, it can be one of the best things I’ve ever previously done for my game. I really feel more confident when I include fresh grips. A clean-up grip is so much ‘stickier’ and fresh. I can’t trust more golfers don’t accomplish this. If you’re cleaning the driver heads already, you may likewise clean the grips at the same time. Test it, it really is an amazing thing!

Here’s how you should be cleaning your sport of golf grips:

Step 1 – Strong with Sandpaper or Clear away Alcohol

If you have rubber side grips or rubber corded side grips, then use sandpaper, in addition, to scrub lightly around the total grip. This will eliminate this glossy look that your side grips get after a while. That sleek texture comes from the essential oils in your hands and will help your grips slippery over time. You may as well scrub harder to balance out any grooves that may include set in from your grip tension.

If you have Winn grips as well as something similar, then you probably will not be able to use sandpaper. On the other hand, you can use some rubbing liquor and a rag or remember to brush to eliminate the oils and also dirt on the grips.

Step two – Clean with Detergent

Fill a sink or perhaps bucket with warm water and also a small amount of dish soap. Ensure it’s warm water. Hot water can melt the glue beneath the grips, and cold h2o just doesn’t clean also. Dip each club inside the water and scrub lower quite firmly with a remember brush or rag until they are nice and new.

Step 3: Rinse and Dry

Rinse your grip in some more tepid to warm water to get rid of the soap and also any leftover oils. And then use a rag or soft towel to dry off the grips.

When they are dry, they are most likely ready to go!

This is a bit of a method. It may take you some time to clean up all of your clubs, especially the 1st time you do it. But if you did this specific once every 4-5 models you play, you’re going to have got a much better feel with every single club.

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