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The way to get Cheap Accommodation Using Take a trip Hacking


Accommodation is one of the significant costs backpackers have. In addition to lowering that cost, it can bring about significant savings! It’s likely the second biggest cost once the flight tickets. So how about getting cheap accommodation using take-a-trip hacking?

No matter what your hotel preferences may be, everyone has one thing in common: no one wants to pay a lot for doing this. Since you have to stay at several places every night, lowering that expense can save you a lot of money from the total cost of your trip. Finding a free or economical bed will have the most significant effect on your wallet.

Here are the secrets and techniques of how to get cheap hotels using travel hacking!


Hostels are the first substitute for considering budget visitors. In hostels, rooms usually are dormitory-style, with all the facilities provided. Some people may think hostels don’t offer the same relaxation as hotels. Still, people don’t realize that most hostels offer you other options like single bedrooms and double rooms made for solo backpackers or lovers. You can find all range of age range in hostels, even 50s, and 60s. Many hostels offer more facilities compared to hotels, the new ones are tidy, and as travelers assume more comfort, hostels offer clean and pleasant knowledge.

I think hostel dormitories are the most effective value for budget travelers. The bigger the room, the less costly the price. You have to share a space with many other travelers, but if you want to save money, it’s the best way to achieve it. Any hostel is really for anyone who would like to meet other backpackers, no matter what age.

Hostels are safe, comfortable, and also cheap. Don’t snob these; try it and see for yourself.

I believe the best hostel booking site is Hostelworld. They have the most effective inventory, deals, and software that is easy to navigate.


One of the best means to get free-of-charge accommodation is by staying with somebody who lives where you’re proceeding. Couchsurfing is the practice of moving from one house to a new one, sleeping in whatever free space is available, floor or perhaps a couch, generally staying a couple of days before moving on to the next residence. Stay with a local who will offer you a free bed, travel advice about the country, and someone to go out with! The best website to train in Couchsurfing is Couchsurfing. org

The goal of the website is to supply the chance to backpackers to not simply save money on accommodation but also discover a lot about the local lifestyle by actually living the particular culture.

What is pleasant about this way of traveling is that you can see the local side of your country. You get taken to celebrations, restaurants, and sites that will aren’t in any guidebook.

People are often afraid to couchsurf because they wonder if it’s risk-free. You are in a new place with your luggage in a stranger’s home. Don’t worry; individuals offering couchsurf to help strangers are, for the most part, incredibly open-minded and are also commonly former travelers. Couchsurfing. Org is aware of this and takes all the means essential to provide security to the participants. Users are allowed to rate in addition to leaving comments on coordinator profiles, so you will always own an idea.

When looking for a Couchsurfing coordinator, you should look for the following:

· There must be a picture of the coordinator with his profile.

· Often, the profile must be completed. The item shows they are interested in addition to being involved in the Couchsurfing community. The company did not complete the report; they probably don’t often use the Couchsurfing website.

· They have to have reviews. If other individuals have stayed with the coordinator and had a good experience, you’ll be fine. The more reward, the better your experience really should be. Sometimes you might not get along with the host, but these things come about, and at least you know many people aren’t sketchy.

· Proof. Couchsurfing offers different improved verification. Hosts can be tested by other backpackers using a mailing address or credit card. Knowing that a person has recently been verified will give you peace of mind that you won’t wake up in an snow cold bath with a renal missing. If someone isn’t tested but has a lot of evaluations, you should be OK too. The particular reviews are the best way to know if your experience might be good.

Couchsurfing is probably the best way to save lots of money on accommodation and also to understand the planet.

House Resting

Another good way to get affordable accommodation is to do property sitting. In exchange for seeing and cleaning someone’s property while they are away, you might have a place to stay in the region you are traveling to. Good house-sitting internet sites include: Mind My House along with House Carers.

Short Term Leases

Apartment rentals are an excellent way to obtain cheap accommodation. You get deleted word of an actual apartment overseas; how cool is that?

Condo rentals allow people to time in furnished apartments while traveling. All these accommodations are way more affordable than hotels and provide numerous perks. They are great quotes for quality products to stay long-term or at least expend a week in one place.

You will discover a lot of rentals all around the world. Nevertheless, Europe and Australian apartment rentals are rented on a regular payment. In terms involving price, they are roughly the actual double cost of a hostel dorm room. Where the apartment accommodations shine, it’s when you are the duo of travelers that may separate the cost in half. Another thing that is nice about this choice is that you have a kitchen area and can cook your own meals, saving money on restaurants! This is your ideal accommodation choice. In my opinion, the best rental websites are Airbnb and Roomorama.

There are other ways of cracking accommodations like WWOOFing and Helpx, but those choices require you to work for your bed. I will cover this particular subject in another article.

This is it! There are a lot of methods to get cheap accommodation utilizing travel hacking; you don’t have to invest all your economies in costly hotels and resorts.

How about you? Is there any lodging that you prefer? Would you attempt Couchsurfing? Leave your thoughts and comments below, and don’t forget to discuss this article with your friends!

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