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Types of Bathroom Partition Materials


Bathroom partitions must withstand graffiti, scratching, and moisture while remaining germ-resistant and easy to maintain. Look into the Best info about vách ngăn compact.

Selecting appropriate bathroom partition materials can help you meet all of these criteria. When ordering partitions for stalls, explore options such as solid plastic, phenolic HPL, and powder-coated steel. Additionally, be sure to examine their dimensions and determine their appropriate floor bracket locations.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel bathroom partitions boast an upscale appearance that complements all types of design schemes, making this material a top choice for new construction or remodel projects. Due to their stylish appeal and exceptional durability, SS partitions are typically reserved for high-end new builds or remodels due to their elegant aesthetic and extraordinary durability. Easy to maintain and germ-proof, stainless partitions have timeless styles that stand up against vandalism attempts.

Partitions made of metal will never rust and can stand up to all of the pressure public restrooms are subjected to, such as forceful door slamming and accidental scrapes and scratches. Furthermore, this material makes an excellent choice for high-traffic areas as it won’t be damaged by the constant usage of hand sanitizing products like alcohol-based hand sanitizers for washing hands.

Each stainless steel stall has an aluminum extruded headrail featuring a double ridge to prevent people from hanging themselves on its doors. It is also equipped with satin-brushed stainless steel shoes to hide any unevenness on the floor and give each stall a uniform look.

If you’re searching for a budget-conscious option that still provides an aesthetically pleasing appearance, phenolic toilet partitions may be your solution. Phenolic is created by applying heat to layers of resin mixed with paper or cloth material before heating to form thermoset plastic material that resists moisture and germs – perfect for moisture and germ-resistant durability and timeless appeal. Though more costly than its stainless counterparts, its durability makes phenolic well worth its higher investment price point and exceptional visual aesthetic.


Phenolic is a rigid, durable material with excellent resistance against impact, scratches, and stains. It is the ideal material for school restrooms where vandalism and moisture issues may arise. Furthermore, these toilet partitions are easy to maintain, so they remain hygienic for many years to come.

Saturating sheets of compacted kraft paper create our phenolic toilet partitions with liquid resin, heating and pressing them, and then designing them to meet any design specifications that you may require. Their durable yet customizable composition provides excellent longevity.

Like HDPE, phenolic is not recyclable, does not contain post-consumer recycled content, or contains urea-formaldehyde resins. However, phenolic has proven more resistant to mold and mildew than its HDPE counterpart. Additionally, it does not swell or warp when exposed to moisture, making it ideal for schools located in humid environments.

Phosphoric restroom stalls typically require less maintenance than laminate partitions due to their sturdy construction and easy upkeep. They’re easy to keep clean, resistant to germs and odors, can withstand heavy-duty usage, and come complete with slotted keepers for extra security and heavy-duty cast stainless steel vault hinges that resist unauthorized removal with chrome plating for corrosion protection – perfect for heavy-duty restroom settings! Plus, they come fully customizable with door hardware such as slotted keepers. Slotted keepers are heavy-duty cast stainless steel vault hinges explicitly designed to resist unauthorized removal with chrome plating for corrosion protection!

Powder-Coated Steel

Powder-coated steel bathroom partitions offer durability, resilience, and beauty at an economical price point. Available in over 12 graffiti-resistant colors to complement any facility, their muted neutrals like charcoal, linen, and latte can create elegant designs, while their bolder hues like colonial blue, Bordeaux red, or moss green can make an eye-catching statement!

Made from two sheets of steel laminated under pressure to a honeycomb core, these panels and doors measure 1″ thick with 1-1/4″ vertical supports (pilasters). Choose either the Elite or Elite Plus Series for more privacy—each features a no-sightline solution featuring full-height channels to eliminate all gaps between the divider and door.

Powder coats can often be mistaken for baked enamel due to their similar appearance, yet powder coating has a unique process that makes it far more durable than paint. Colored powder particles are evenly spread out over a surface before being heated in an oven and cured. The heat causes the powder to bond with metal structures beneath, creating an impenetrable hard coating resistant to impacts, abrasions, chemicals, detergents, and acids.

Powder-coated steel restroom partitions are more environmentally friendly than their plastic counterparts due to their recyclable nature and long lifespan. These factors help lower the environmental impact of competing materials used to construct partitions.


Solid plastic partitions provide restrooms with a sleek and sophisticated aesthetic, offering durability against stains, graffiti, scratches, moisture, and delamination over time. Commonly found in schools, they can withstand abuse by children; however, they do eventually delaminate over time and do not come in as many color options as other materials.

Plastic laminate partitions feature a particle board core covered with high-pressure decorative laminate from manufacturers like Wilsonart and Formica. These partitions are available in a range of colors and designs to satisfy any decorating taste. This material is more cost-effective than other options but may delaminate when exposed to water; moisture guard laminate may offer added durability.

Special-Lite laminate toilet partitions are durable yet lightweight, making them easy to install or move around a facility. Their laminate construction provides resistance against moisture, impact, and graffiti better than metal stalls, with high-quality finishes that resemble painted steel while remaining lighter and cheaper than stainless steel. Furthermore, Special-Lite’s stainless-steel edge trim adds a premium aesthetic while protecting the edges of panels and doors from damage – making Special-Lite an excellent option in any environment ranging from offices, kitchens, restaurant bathrooms, or school cafeterias!