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Ubuntu Application Installation and Location Reference


The instantaneous availability of new programs is both the finest and the worst part about switching to a new operating system. Open-source software Ubuntu

GNU/Linux-based OS, is made even more so by its countless customization choices, nearly hands-off package administration, and helpful user base.

Therefore, it is helpful to include a simple guide to help new and returning users navigate the many software possibilities by highlighting popular packages, offering installation instructions, and pointing users in the direction of other resources. We can keep the new Ubuntu user and further eat into the market share of the 8,000-pound gorillas in the operating system market if we introduce them to the best of the software repository right away.

The official Ubuntu repositories make exploring the vast software library a breeze. You can skip opening a web browser altogether. There are two ways to browse repositories (or “repos”):

To begin: open the Applications folder, then select Add/Remove Programs. All the best-selling products are here, along with an estimate of the packages’ sales. The installation choice is available on the same screen as the dialogue box.

To access the Synaptic Package Manager, go to the menu bar and click System, then Administration, and finally Synaptic Package Manager. The addition of a search bar makes this task that much less daunting. The option to update all installed packages at once is also available. In most cases, a system restart is not necessary.

Without further ado, let’s get into some of the most often-used applications for Ubuntu and how to set them up.


qBitTorrent is a client that allows you to access the BitTorrent network, a decentralized system for sharing and downloading huge files without much fuss. It is the user’s obligation to check the copyright rules of their country before downloading any torrent files from the many websites that offer them.

You will need to use the Terminal to install qBitTorrent because it is not included in the default distribution. The Terminal can be accessed from the Applications menu by selecting Accessories and then Terminal. Once it’s opened, type in the following commands (you may be prompted for a root password).

to modify the /etc/apt/sources.lst file with root privileges, type gksudo gedit.
Just add these lines to the very end of the file.

deb-src You can find some feisty torrents at

Simply close the window and paste the following command into the blank space:

Evolve by performing a sudo apt-get update and then installing qBittorrent:

This client provides a stylish way to check your email. Ubuntu includes the email client Evolution, which may be accessed from the Applications menu. Email, contact management, and scheduling are all simplified in this program. The Synaptic Package Manager can be used to install it if it isn’t already.


Pan is a tool for accessing Usenet. It’s one of the few Ubuntu apps with a graphical user interface.

Enter this to set it up:

Pan: Installed with sudo apt-get

Pan is an open-source alternative to the popular Windows software XNews.


Mozilla’s Firefox web browser is among the quickest available. Certainly, it outperforms Internet Explorer, and it’s also better compatible with the vast majority of websites than Safari. The latest data shows that Firefox is quickly becoming the most popular web browser and that it is also compatible with the vast majority of websites. Even though it is already included in Ubuntu, I feel it deserves to be highlighted. If it is not already installed, enter this at the prompt:

Install Firefox and Pidgin with sudo apt-get

Instant messaging across many protocols, please. Applies to AOL, Yahoo, Google, and Microsoft Live Messengers. I can’t believe it either. Installing it is a breeze, believe me.

Here are the steps: Put this into your command prompt.

the command wget []
This is the command you need to use: sudo dpkg -I pidgin_2.0.0beta7devel.vicox-1_i386.deb

That was a good introduction, I think. You can consult the wiki or the community forums for further use case examples. Have fun exploring everything Ubuntu has to offer.

Mary Riley is an independent web designer with plans to study law. She keeps up the regular Ubuntu, a regular roundup of Ubuntu software updates. Mary Riley’s Twitter feed is where you can keep up with her latest news and articles.

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