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Vivix Shaklee – Likely the “World’s Best Health Product”


All about Vivix Shaklee:

Vivix ShakleeAlkaline anti-oxidant ionised water provides many fantastic advantages including improving health, elegance and well-being, increasing power and hydration levels, it may reverse the adverse effects associated with ageing and increase antioxidant levels, achieve detoxification as well as weight loss, it can even lessen your carbon footprint too!

Together with 100’s of millions of people previously benefiting from water ionisation inside China and the Far East, this specific explosive health revolution will be beginning to hit the US, BRITISH and Europe.

Vivix Shaklee – Is your physique alkaline or acidic? This could be your “Health Monitor”, since our bodies, which include organs, cellular material, skin and tissue, consist of around 75% water. According to what we eat and drink, and the lifestyle we lead dictates regardless of whether our bodies remain in a state regarding acidity or alkalinity (PH).

Vivix Shaklee – If our bodies are acid we will have accumulated numerous years of acidic waste, providing a mating ground for disease to be able to proliferate making us a lot more susceptible to cancer, liver disease, cardiovascular disease, viruses and all other common health conditions such as colds and winter flu.

Alkalinity (PH 7. a few or above) represents the best state, where oxygen inside our cells is substantially elevated, providing an environment where sickness simply cannot exist.

Vivix Shaklee – Water Ionisers literally separate the acidulous and alkaline elements with water. Chlorine, heavy mining harvests, parasites, organic hydrocarbons as well as a long list of other toxic contamination are removed meaning that many people never reach your pure. The alkaline water then can be used for drinking to easily achieve higher body PH (higher alkalinity) and give the affiliated health benefits.

Many people feel that having alkaline ionised water heightens their energy levels and helps these individuals look and feel younger. With the greater solubility of the water, it can be more readily absorbed into your body, resulting in the skin in addition to hair becoming significantly better, it also may help clear up many digestive problems.

Vivix Shaklee – Drinking alkaline ionised water will provide considerably more available oxygen to the system, detoxifying and reversing an amount of acid build-up which causes ageing. Ionised Water restores your body’s acid/alkaline balance; “Just about just about every condition I can think of, by arthritis to diabetes to help cancer, is associated with acidity” Dr Robert Atkins, believed author, health and diet skilled.

Vivix Shaklee – Water Ionisers help eliminate this acid condition. By supplying your daily drinking and also cooking with alkaline h2o (high “pH”), you can bring back a healthy alkaline environment in the human body. This process is detoxification. The only most reported benefit from alkaline water users is a brought up energy level, many people report they may have far more “get up and also go”.

Vivix Shaklee – Alkaline ionised h2o is a strong and strong antioxidant. A glass of alkaline h2o has the same antioxidant strength as a glass of new orange juice! Antioxidants are among the chief keys to a more time living with less weakening of body tissues: longevity! Water ionisers provide you with minerals and antioxidants all at one time. Ionised water is an excellent and also convenient way to add alkaline minerals to your diet, made up of appreciable amounts of the bicarbonates of calcium, lithium, potassium, or sodium.

Not only are usually calcium and magnesium necessary to protect you from osteoporosis, yet there is now strong evidence that will magnesium in your drinking water helps prevent heart and cerebrovascular conditions. It is precisely these mineral deposits that are concentrated through the h2o ionisation process.

Vivix Shaklee – It will also supply proper hydration, a significant help to your everyday life. Good moisturizing will enhance the flavour connected with food and lower the acid improved beverages. The minerals with food are ionised far too, improving the absorption charge into the body. Water generated by a water ioniser possesses a higher oxygen content in comparison with ordinary tap water,

this can be found by the cloud of teeny bubbles in the water immediately after it has been through the ionisation practice. This oxygen-rich waters increases the oxygen content inside the blood which benefits sports activity, exercising and all types of real labour.

Vivix Shaklee – The acidic waters can be used for a wide range of purposes, acid ionised water is definitely destructive to bacteria and is particularly astringent. As a result, it has observed widespread application commercially with nurseries, surgeries, food preparation parts, vegetable growers, florists, clinics and a wide range of other software.

In the home it is an excellent purifying and sterilising agent, together with uses in the kitchen, for curly hair and skincare, extending lifespan of flowers, promoting vegetable growth and many others.