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Ways to Speed up Your Internet



Nothing can be so important than bandwidth when it comes to using the internet. From streaming gameplay on Twitch to watching Netflix, or working remotely the thing you look up to is bandwidth. To get faster internet you can mainline a gigabyte fiber into a router at your place so that everyone either in your house or office can have a good experience. However, there are certain things that you need to understand while trying out the best wires to attain robust speed and superb WIFI workability. – A Source Of Good Stories. To find out more about it click here.

The game is in your hand, so if you are curious to find what best possible ways out there that you could try to eliminate dead zones of WIFI and subpar speeds you are on the right stop. Some major suggestions have been put together in this blog that will help you to improve WIFI quality outside and inside of your space.

Move Your Router

It matters where you place your router for the speed quality of the internet. Most routers are kept in cupboards and closets, installed on walls or bookshelves. But! All these places can dampen signals of your WIFI, potentially. You can make a huge difference in speed quality just by moving your router. Similarly, the coverage for wireless transmissions of a router also contributes significantly to its speed quality. Instead of hiding your router somewhere in the house like under any cupboard, corner of the house, or inside any drawer you should find a location at the center of the house. The more prominent location you choose to place your router in the house or space the better-quality internet speed you will experience throughout the premises.

Hopefully, this suggestion would help you to overcome speed issues however, if you want to explore more you can check our guide about “where to put your router for the best possible home Wi-Fi.”

Don’t forget to place your major smart devices like laptops, smartphones, consoles, and others at the possibly closest spot to the router. Although, if you have smart devices that do not require much bandwidth for improved functionality such as smart thermostats there are no obligations of physical proximity then. Also, avoid placing routers near devices like microwaves, baby monitors, and wireless keyboards because of electromagnetic waves.

Use an Ethernet Cable

Yes! Ethernet does exist in the current era of advanced wireless technology. You don’t need to go a WIFI internet connection when you can have good internet speed with wires. Usually, a wired internet connection is preferable to the wireless one. Why? Because it offers more stable and faster internet that doesn’t get affected by any device at your home or office. However, it also has some downsides like immovability and lesser convenience. You cannot move with wires within or outside your space which means you need to stick to your place connecting wires with your device.

Still, wire internet connections are perfectly functional for hardware that requires possible robust internet speed like streaming box, gaming console, or desktop PC. For such devices wire, internet connections are worth using. The router you get in wired connections bears a few ethernet ports to connect devices via cable.

Change the Channel or Band

Channels or bands are also a thing that can affect the speed of your internet connection. Each signal that your WIFI spread breaks into channels. These channels are used by the router to communicate with all devices available around your space. But why are we telling you this? Because this functionality can slow the speed of your internet. How is it possible? Well! Just in case if your neighbors are using an identical WIF channel then your internet connection can quickly get congested. However, you can avert this situation by simply switching channels.

Every router may respond differently when you change channels. Thus, don’t forget to look up the documentation enclosed with the router or instructions available online. Either way, if you are unable to find the right piece of information then you can try channels 11, 1, and 6. These channels have shown minor interference when various devices are hooked up.

Dual-band is a technology that has been incorporated in most routers available in the market. These routers broadcast at 5-GHz and 2.4-GHz frequencies. You can prioritize frequencies for different devices if permissible for your device. For a faster internet connection, you can set the frequency to 5-GHz but it will have a shorter range as compared to 2.4-GHz whereas 2.4 GHz will be appropriate for older devices.

Upgrade Your Router

A broad range of routers is available in the market with different price tags and functionality. All you need to do is to acquire the one that perfectly suits your need and is capable to broadcast WIFI signals at every inch of your space. If you have a big house or a large space you need to get a router that can easily broadcast WIFI signals to the farthest thus you won’t experience disruptions or slow internet speed at any part of your home. However, for smaller spaces, you can go for a simpler system.

Get a Wi-Fi Extender

Even if you failed to achieve your desired internet speed utilizing all the techniques discussed above you can simply go for installing a repeater or WIFI extender. You need to just plug in these devices to a spare socket at any wall, and then connect it with your wireless internet connection. Simplest! Isn’t it? But what will it do? It will extend internet signals beaming out of your router. You can instantly through away WIFI dead zones in your space by installing these easy to set up and use devices.

Keep that in mind that the signals you obtain through it are not sturdy enough to the ones you got directly through the router in your space. Therefore, we would like to emphasize again positioning a router and the extender.

Add a Password to Your Wi-Fi

You need to set a strong password for your WIFI. It will not only prevent hackers’ attacks but also keep your neighbors from your bandwidth for Netflix. AES encryption is way too critical for security purposes. So don’t overlook it if you want to have a highly secured and truly speedy secured internet connection.

Cut Off Unused Devices

Tapping dozens of devices into a single WIFI can truly be problematic. Make sure you only connect devices to your WIFI that you either frequently or use and disconnect all devices that you use once in a blue moon.

Call Your ISP

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Hopefully, your problem has been resolved by following any or all of the suggestions. However, despite using all tricks if your problem does not resolve yet it’s time for you to contact your ISP (internet service provider). You might have some technical issues or be unable to pinpoint the root cause. Either way, you should call your internet service provider.

In A Nutt Shell

For instance, if your internet service provider cannot help you out to get rid of internet speed issues you should search out other options in the market such as Xfinity. You can check out Xfinity internet packages to find the best one for you and can enjoy your desired internet speed without any inconvenience or effort. If you are looking for an effortless solution switching the current ISP will be the right option for you.