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How Network Marketers Can Benefit from Internet-Based Lead Generation


In the past, physical presence was essential for network marketers to generate leads and build a profitable company. Successful business growth relies heavily on a company’s ability to create new leads. Leads are the lifeblood of any company. If your company’s core values are its beating heart, then new leads are the air circulating and sustaining the company.

Your success with lead generation and, by extension, with making product sales depends on the processes you put in place. Since the internet is accessible to many people, that seems like a natural starting spot. The reluctance of many network marketers to use the internet as a lead generation source surprises me.

It’s true that for the vast majority of its history, network marketing has relied on personal relationships. Perhaps network marketers haven’t investigated online lead generation because, as the adage goes, “people resist change.” Let’s take a quick peek at that.

People are always looking for something novel, and more often than not, they go online to begin their quest. It’s simple to achieve, and the ‘in thing’ or necessary social evidence is to go along with the flow. If they want to try something novel, they should try a different approach to prospecting. Because they are already active online (usually with promotional websites), lead generation tools aren’t prioritized. There has to be another explanation.

Is it possible that they feel uneasy using internet-based lead creation systems? This seems implausible at first look. Network marketers, if anything, are inundated with messages about the importance of stepping outside of their comfort zones. They have worked hard and will continue to develop methods and skills that will push them to the forefront of their field. Direct sales, where two people sit down and talk, is, as we all know, a bit awkward and risky.

I’m confident there are plenty of other avenues to pursue, but this one has been on my mind recently. What if many network marketers have yet to investigate internet lead-generation tools that it goes against the grain of conventional wisdom? Uncomplicated to the point of apparent simplicity. They’re doing everything their upline tells them and more to put their teachings into practice. You are too afraid to attempt something new. I’ve heard and lived through such tales, but I won’t weary you with them now. To put it simply, originality was rarely rewarded.

It’s not that your upline is trying to be intentionally cruel; instead, they want you to build a successful business just like they have. It is ruled by a structure that can be replicated. If you figure out how to make a system that can be replicated easily, you will become famous, and the world will expand. I’ve seen this approach succeed with some groups, but it leaves most networkers bewildered, stumbling, and ultimately giving up. Some uplines are savvier than others, and whether or not you wind up among the turbocharged depends on how you chose your upline, if you chose your upline.

You, the individual, are a crucial piece that is missing from these replicable processes. You don’t fit easily into a replicable system because you are a unique collection of traits, skills, and beliefs. The failure rate for network marketers is supposedly between 95% and 97%. That high failure rate is directly correlated with trying to force the uncommon into the familiar. Put another way, causing a round peg into a square cavity is next to impossible. The worst part is, who desires their rough edges smoothed over?

The process of generating leads online, over the internet, is opposed to this. Moreover, it motivates you to develop your own set of strengths rather than adopting those of others. Successful Internet lead generation trains you how to make a positive impression on potential customers. This is very dissimilar to the standard procedure of approaching suspect possibilities. While that strategy may have borne fruit in the past, and even today for some businesses, today’s customers are far too savvy to fall for it.

Customers prefer the freedom of option and typically have strong preferences. Finding out what they want is essential in the replicable and lead production systems. The nuance lies in the method you employ.

Internet lead generation requires you to provide benefits first, so prospects can and will find you, rather than trying to persuade them that what you have is what they want, whether or not they concur. Offering compelling advantages draws in interested clients and employees who wish to learn more about your offer. Taking this step shows your potential customer that you are thinking about them. In addition, you’ll know immediately if you’re on the right track and if what you’re offering is something they want.

There is a minimal similarity between the two methods. What the replicable system promises to do, Internet lead creation, does. It’s hard to see how being helpful can come from relentlessly pursuing a prospect for months or even years to persuade them that they need what you have and that you don’t have it now but will as soon as they join your team.

Generating leads online is a great way to express individuality while encouraging development and innovation. Internet lead generation is exciting, enjoyable, and, get this, much more productive when you use messages of integrity full of benefits, being of service, and providing value to your prospective clients and associates. Customers who voluntarily seek you out are more likely to convert into paying customers or investors. After they join your team, you’ll see increased productivity, innovation, company growth, and profits.

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