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IGNOU Result 2023


If you are dissatisfied with your IGNOU results, reevaluation can provide relief. This process entails sending back answer scripts and having them reviewed by multiple evaluators. The Amazing fact about IGNOU Assignment Status.

IGNOU generally takes around 45 days after exams are administered to announce results for its students, so it is wise to visit its website in order to stay updated regularly.

How to Check IGNOU Result

The university publishes IGNOU result 2023 upon successful completion of its Term End Examinations (TEEs). Students can view both theory and practical exam results by entering their enrollment number on its website, while projects and viva voce results can also be downloaded directly from it.

Usually, universities issue term-end examination results 40 days following the last date of an exam; however, sometimes, earlier declaration of results occurs than expected; this practice is known as early declaration of results.

The university conducts term-end exams for various undergraduate and postgraduate courses twice annually – once in the January session and again in the December session – in all regional centers across its campuses.

After results are announced, students receive an online IGNOU grade card that displays the marks earned in theory and assignment examinations as well as their percentage scorecard for each course. Furthermore, each subject carries its credit value depending on its discipline or program of study.

It also specifies the date of publication for each paper/course, with updates being made as soon as IGNOU Regional Centres/faculties provide mark sheets.

If a student is dissatisfied with their marks, they can request a Revaluation of the answer script. An application form needs to be filled out online, and non-refundable fees must be paid as part of this process.

After some time, the university will reevaluate answer scripts and announce new marks; compare these new ones with original marks, and the higher one will be awarded; this process only applies to theory marks; assignments or viva are not eligible for this process. Students can avail themselves of improvement exams should they fall below the required marks.

IGNOU Grade Card

An IGNOU Grade Card is an official document that details a student’s academic performance at Indira Gandhi National Open University. This comprehensive document details marks obtained in theory exams, assignment scores, and more, making it essential to verify results and track progress.

IGNOU Grade Cards can be accessed online and through its official website, making them easily accessible. Since the IGNOU Grade Card platform is updated frequently, students should regularly visit it and monitor any updates that might arise. Students should also keep in mind that the IGNOU Grade Card does not correspond with term-end examination results and may differ slightly in certain instances.

How Can I Receive IGNOU Grade Cards 2023? An IGNOU grade card provides students with a record of their scores from assignments and term-end examinations, helping them assess their progress within a program and whether their study habits need improvement; additionally, it gives a picture of how much time has been devoted to studies by each student.

IGNOU began uploading new grade cards for the June 2023 session on July 11th, 2023, so students are advised to visit its site frequently to view their grade cards.

IGNOU grade cards are determined based on the weightage of assignment marks and term-end theory exam marks. For instance, if a student achieves 90 marks in assignment BPCC-134, they will earn 27 points on their IGNOU grade card due to assignment marks comprising 70% of the total marks for that paper.

Theory exam marks will also be recorded as 70 points on an IGNOU grade card, but any score below 50% indicates a failure to pass a subject due to missed marks in assignments, theory exams, or practicals (if applicable). When this occurs, students are required to resubmit their work in order to boost their grades and increase their grade point average.

IGNOU Revaluation

Unless you’re happy with your IGNOU results, Revaluation can provide another review process to make sure no mistakes were made during the initial evaluation – making sure you receive the marks you deserve!

Apply for Revaluation online through IGNOU by simply logging into your student portal, clicking “Revaluation,” and providing your enrollment number and other necessary details. When your application has been submitted successfully, your revaluation result will appear on the screen.

Revaluation will be managed by an independent evaluation center, with results posted to IGNOU’s website 45 days post-revaluation. If you disagree with them, feel free to reach out to your course coordinator or the IGNOU support team so we can address this directly.

Revaluation is a process by which students who are dissatisfied with their scores can petition the university to review and recheck their answer scripts for an affordable fee per course, with any discrepancies found adjusting grades accordingly. IGNOU’s Revaluation procedure typically begins around June or July, and applicants can apply online via their website.

Students can submit the Revaluation form by following the links on the official IGNOU website and within one month after IGNOU results have been announced. Students should read over any general instructions prior to applying for Revaluation.

Once IGNOU’s revaluation process has concluded, students will be informed via email or post. The university will take into account which score (original and reevaluated) performed better when calculating final marks/grades; however, Revaluation only applies to term-end exams – projects/dissertations, practicals/lab courses, workshops, assignments, seminars are excluded from being revalued.

IGNOU Requirements

IGNOU provides undergraduate and postgraduate distance learning courses. While for some of these programs, there is an entrance test, for others, IGNOU uses other criteria like entrance test scores, interviews, and academic background to select candidates for admission. Furthermore, short-term courses and certificates, as well as awareness programs and appreciation courses, may also be offered through distance learning mode.

The university evaluates each student based on performance in the entrance test and assignments to calculate an overall score, which then forms the basis for their final grade – this grade is computed using weighted average marks from both assignments and exams; minimum passing marks vary by course: undergraduate courses must achieve at least 35% while postgraduate programs require 40% as minimum marks to pass successfully.

IGNOU also offers several online courses, although these do not appear at every regional center, and admission depends on the merit of applicants. According to IGNOU, applications are processed within two months, and selected students are informed of their acceptance into this program either via email or through the student portal.

For IGNOU admissions, students must submit a completed enrollment form at their regional center of choice. Registration costs Rs 200 for all programs; enrollment fees remain valid for two years from the date of issue. IGNOU admission processes take place twice annually: in January and July sessions.

Once IGNOU’s results for 2023 are announced, they can be found on its official website. Students should review their results regularly to avoid misunderstandings; should they not be satisfied with them, they can apply for reevaluation.

Reevaluation involves having your answer scripts reviewed by another evaluator, with any new marks being compared with original scores and the higher one awarded to you as a student. IGNOU will update its website after 30 days with revised marks reflecting these updates; students can also request photocopies of their answer scripts in that particular subject area.

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