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Keep Your Cash Safe from Online Con Artists!


How often have you visited a website that offered the world for a single dollar? Or perhaps you’ve lost thousands because the business you signed up with failed to fulfill your expectations.

Have you had enough of being pursued by online vendors? When you check your email, it seems like a hundred people are offering to show you how to “make thousands within three days with little to no investment.”

How do you distinguish between a genuine offer and a fake one? The bottom line is that you need to put in the effort. Here are seven ways to avoid being cheated when looking for a reliable business partner:

Ensure the product you plan to offer online is in high demand and expected to continue doing well. To stand out from the crowd, you need to offer something novel. That’s why you need to “Thin the herd.” Health supplements are lovely, but do we need more magic elixirs and energy beverages on the market? You need to research the industry just like you would for a traditional storefront, and your business plan should be as straightforward as possible.

Two, what do we do now that we have a “unique” product? The correct answer is “money.” One of the primary drivers for anyone engaged in Internet marketing is the things that can be accomplished with money.

To what extent does this…Do your research once more. Always verify the existence of a “Really Great Compensation Plan” before accepting a position with a business. Aim for the stars.

After working your tail off to drive traffic to your website, blog, capture page, or whatever, the commission you receive may be negligible if the “Purchase” price of the program is low. To reach $2,500.00 per month, how many profits of $20.00 would be needed each month?

If you want to succeed, you have to dive headfirst into this industry (and make no mistake: it is an industry). When possible, you should invest in a “High Ticket” offering. Their base model can cost anywhere from $400 to $2000. (Yes, we adore affiliates too; know that you’ll earn smaller fees, but they still represent a solid opportunity to pad your wallet. More on that subject to come).

The benefits of high-priced purchases are multifaceted. The first thing they do is help “Thin the Herd” typically. Those who have contacted you for more information are more likely to be sincere about moving forward with a purchase than someone who wants to “Fire Their Boss” for $25. Second, your initial upfront fee is significantly increased. Around 50% is the norm. (Do the math)

In addition to initial payouts, your chosen program should offer a generous “Residual Income Compensation Plan.” Commissions earned upfront can fund extensive promotion and the development of immense promise. You can finally Retire thanks to your residual money.

Third, you’ve discovered a fantastic product, and your compensation plan is solid initially and in the long run.

STEP 3: Always, always, always make sure there is a solid Marketing System for the product or business you are involved with. Even if you have the best product on the market, you won’t make a dime if you don’t know where to offer it or how to get the word out about it. Try ordering a thousand cases of the “Latest and Greatest” elixirs you’ve subscribed to and see if you make a profit. Sit back with a cold drink and relax in your favorite chair while the delivery workers shop in your driveway and you wait to see how long it takes to sell the boxes. Before you can sell three cartons, your lotions will melt in the sun.

You can expect a solid marketing plan to be in place at any good or great business. Ensure that repeating the software is as simple as possible. What you say multiplied by how often you say it is what works in advertising today, my guru once told me. That’s not too far from reality.

Finding a firm with the kind of marketing guts, we discussed is like striking gold. Once again, if you’ve done your homework and it still feels right, go for it!

Ready, Set, Go! Everything should be set in stone by now. You’re set to launch your business because you have a fantastic product, generous payment plans, and a brilliant advertising strategy.

Not! Hold on just a second. Let’s investigate this firm thoroughly. Let’s do a deep dive and get to the bottom of it, like an onion. The Company’s Owners and Executives. Once again, you can save yourself a lot of time and money by doing some preliminary study.

Who are the public faces of your organization? When did they disappear? What the hell did they do? What makes them such an authority on e-commerce and direct-to-consumer sales? Just what is it about them that makes them such Online Guru Experts? It’s a reasonable inquiry. Would you go to the first doctor you saw if you needed a tumor removed, or would you take the time to research who was the greatest in that field? Is your doctor an experienced professional, or is he just a Doogie Howser imposter waiting to eviscerate you like a deer during hunting season?

However, experience alone does not guarantee expertise, as you can attest. Find out what you can. Look them up on Google. There must be some relevant data there.

Make sure the company has a solid support team as well. You should be able to reach them anytime, day or night, via phone or email. Do they provide you with business teachers and coaches? Is there a Help Desk where I can post questions and get answers about the back office? Is it possible to report problems by submitting “Tickets”?

You should check that the people you intend to hire to “represent” you have a solid track record and won’t disappear with your money and leave you high and dry. (It happens more than you think). Remember to study; if I’m in the mood, I’ll go for it.

5. This is a quick reminder before starting your online business, but it’s vitally essential. Ask yourself, “Is There Room for Your Product to Grow?” before you commit to the final numbers.

Some businesses have been around for decades, but there are also many newer ones. This demonstrates the potential for financial gain in the area; however, does the world need yet another individual peddling magical cures? Competition in that industry is fierce already.

Instead, looking for a fantastic offering with international expansion potential would be best. You’ll see that we’re doing double duty if you view our site. Our Primary Business is in high demand, and the first is a promotional instrument.

The most important thing, as always, is to do your “Homework” and select a product with which you are satisfied and have faith. Having fewer rivals in your market is ideal, but keep in mind that word will spread rapidly if your product is successful. (Make sure you are driving the traffic.)

A seemingly insignificant but crucial detail is sixth on the list of seven must-knows. It all comes back to the brand you’re going to be representing. Do they have a “Social Conscience,” and do they contribute to the broader world in which they live? I wondered if your business made charitable contributions or sponsored underprivileged children in developing nations. Do they care about helping others or about lining their own pockets? The individuals you will work with say much about you if they are active in the Global Community.

Do your research, and go for it if it makes you feel good.

Step seven is the shortest but likely most crucial one. Assuming you are confident in the company’s leadership, the quality of its products, its commitment to social responsibility, and the ethics of its business practices, you may decide to invest in it. One course of action is inevitable.

Try It Out! Yes, dive in headfirst. Use your head! Get organized, and don’t let anything stop you from achieving your objectives. Many people will try to derail you along the road, but you must remain steadfast in your goals. Success and a higher standing in the eyes of your loved ones and the world await those who are reliable, committed, eager to learn, and take on leadership roles.

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