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Social Media Marketing Instagram Tips For Ecommerce Brands


Instagram can be an extremely effective marketing platform for businesses. From showcasing products and sharing engaging content to optimizing profiles and driving traffic back to promotions or your website, Instagram provides businesses with many avenues for growth. Tips to get instagram followers how to?

Setting clear social media goals is crucial. Below are five proven tactics that have assisted companies in achieving their Instagram marketing goals:

1. Branded Hashtags

Branded hashtags can be an effective way to build community, promote events and collect user-generated content. Furthermore, they’re an invaluable asset when running contests or giveaways.

Branded hashtags may be the key to expanding your business through social media marketing on Instagram. Create one specifically tailored to your company, or use an existing one related to your industry as the way forward.

Branded hashtags are an effective way of keeping your audience abreast of what your brand is up to and sharing news about your company or products while encouraging customers to share their experience using them. Hashtags are powerful ways of connecting Instagrammers with new content; branded hashtags give your followers something familiar when they remember who your company is.

2. Influencers

Instagram influencer marketing is an effective strategy to boost organic engagement rates on Instagram’s algorithm-favored platform, although finding suitable influencers may prove challenging.

There are various strategies available to you that can make the process simpler, including using an influencer marketplace or working with an influencer management agency. To facilitate your search process, consider using branded hashtags with user-generated content about your products as a starting point.

, Instagram Shop allows users to shop for your products directly on the platform. When doing so, follow FTC regulations by clearly labeling branded content as sponsored and disclosing any product placements. Finally, Incentivise influencers with custom polo shirts or jackets – they will enjoy these rewards!

3. Storytelling

Although e-commerce brands can adapt existing content for Instagram Stories, e-commerce businesses should prioritize creating photos and videos to build brand recognition and drive conversions. While this process might appear time-consuming, social media marketing apps offer help by automatically scheduling posts.

Abercrombie & Fitch’s Stories use high-quality product photos and text to showcase what their products are made from, helping customers connect with their brand personality while building trust between themselves and customers.

Airbnb uses Instagram Stories to showcase customer testimonials and introduce its community, creating trust with visitors, and ultimately increasing engagement and brand loyalty. Meanwhile, MIT Technology Review uses features like polls and quizzes within Story to engage non-academics and science enthusiasts with relevant and informative content easily understandable by non-specialists and enthusiasts.

4. Aesthetically Pleasing Content

Attractively appealing content on Instagram is an integral strategy for brands. A captivating feed will draw the attention of your target market and increase engagement, keeping customers coming back for more!

Selecting the right colors, filters, and composition can create Instagram posts that are both visually appealing and easy on the eyes. Aim to create a cohesive aesthetic within your feed by keeping to one theme or style throughout all photos posted – overcrowding is best avoided!

Aesthetics play an essential role in social media marketing Instagram because they convey your brand’s personality to the public. For example, if your company specializes in makeup, use photos featuring bold eye shadow or close-ups of lips to get your playful and inventive nature to showcase this aspect of your company’s personality.

5. Bio

The bio is your chance to present your brand, outline your mission, and encourage followers to take action. Unfortunately, Instagram only permits 150 characters for biographies; thus, your display name and username must appear so searchers can locate you quickly.

Consider including a call-to-action in your bio to drive visitors to your website, Messenger bot, campaign landing page, or another business resource. Master & Dynamic uses Vogue magazine social proof as part of their bio call to action to sign up for their company’s newsletter, while St. Frank promotes ethical practices, brick-and-mortar locations, a free shipping policy, their Stories feature, and Linktree links that enable in-store shopping.

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