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What Are The Available Options For Home Warranties?


The available options for home warranties vary according to the types of appliances and systems you need to protect. You can get an estimate by filling out a simple online form or calling a home warranty company. Make sure you know which plan covers the appliances and systems in your home and the machines and systems within your zip code.


A variety of good options for home warranties in New Jersey are available, and some are more comprehensive than others. You need to read the details of each plan before signing up. If you have a pre-existing condition, you should consider purchasing a warranty to protect yourself from paying for repair costs out of your emergency fund. Some plans cover many problems, such as roof leaks, electrical fires, and water damage.

Some plans also cover appliances and systems. They cover everything from washers to garbage disposals and trash compactors. In addition, you can add on specific add-ons for more coverage. However, most home warranties do not cover the interior plumbing, electric or gas lines, or sprinkler systems.


Many home warranty companies offer a wide variety of add-on services that can extend coverage on various items in your home. These add-ons can include coverage for a second refrigerator, a range for the septic system, and more. You can add these extra services to your standard home warranty plan and save money.

Most home warranty providers offer basic plans that cover a variety of systems and appliances and tiers that include additional coverage. For example, some providers have additional coverage for such items as pool equipment, septic tank pumping, pest control, electronic devices, and food spoilage. Other companies offer a variety of optional add-ons that may be worth checking out.


The cost of a home warranty depends on the type of coverage and the level of protection you’d like. The average home warranty plan covers most major appliances and repairs and typically lasts for a year. However, you can choose to extend the warranty or purchase a more comprehensive plan that covers more expensive appliances and parts.

Costs may vary by state, so it’s essential to research the coverage offered by each home warranty company before choosing a plan. Look for customer reviews to get an idea of how satisfied they’ve been with their range. You can also find out whether the company is accredited by the Better Business Bureau or other independent organizations. If your home warranty provider is a newer house, you might be interested in structural warranties, which can protect against structural issues.

Service call fees

The service call fee is a non-refundable component of your home warranty plan premium. This fee covers the technician’s cost and overhead when they come to fix your appliance or system. Many companies offer several different service call fees. 

Cancellation policy

You can contact the company directly if you want to cancel your home warranty before it expires. The representative can answer your questions about the cancellation process, refund, and prorated premium amounts. You may also have to provide a written cancellation notice, so include the relevant details. The cancellation process can take anywhere from four to five weeks, and once complete. You can expect a refund check via check or direct deposit in your bank account.

Home warranty cancellation is subject to the terms and conditions consumers receive upon purchasing the policy. The most recent versions of these terms and conditions include cancellation, non-renewal, and modification information. 

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