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Five Landscape Drainage Contractors Near Me


Maintaining your landscape enhances its overall aesthetics and helps safeguard it against water damage. One important aspect is ensuring surface water drains away quickly and adequately. A professional landscape drainage contractor can help with this issue. Why choose the landscape contractors Fremont ca?

Select a landscaping company with extensive experience and customer recommendations, then inquire about their costs and guarantee policies.

Hallmark Fine Gardens Landscaping and Design

Hallmark Fine Gardens Landscaping and Design assists its clients in designing new lawns and gardens. Its team can install various trees, flowers, shrubs, and hardscape features like retaining walls and walkways. Additionally, it can install low-voltage outdoor lighting fixtures and automatic irrigation systems.

Fremont Landscape Group serves both residential and commercial properties in Fremont and its surrounding communities, offering landscape construction, turf management, debris/trash removal/tree trimming. Additionally, they can install fences/patios/pergolas and maintain existing landscape features like irrigation systems.

Swanson’s Landscaping has been providing residential and commercial properties with features such as low-voltage lighting, fountains/ponds/fountains, decorative rocks/boulders, etc., since 1994. They also build walkways/patios/driveways and are licensed by the Contractors State License Board.

Koch & Associates Inc.

Koch & Associates is one of the Bay Area’s premier landscape construction firms. Its master-builder approach offers an all-in-one source for design and installation services. Working closely with landscape designers, its master builders ensure the integrity of the original design remains in every phase of construction – one key factor contributing to its success as it consistently meets deadlines and budget constraints.

Installing yard drainage systems such as rain gardens and water-harvesting swales, they craft landscapes that are both functional and beautiful. Furthermore, they offer aeration services to ease soil compaction issues associated with old, dense soils.

Houzz makes it easy to locate a landscaping contractor near you! Narrow down your search by reading reviews and viewing images of their work before inquiring about insurance, worker’s comp, and bond guarantees offered by each. Plus, view their portfolio online!

Suncrest Premier Landscaping

Landscape projects are best left in the hands of professionals. A pro can assist with everything from design to maintenance needs while providing you with a detailed plan and cost estimate that works within your budget.

Fremont Property Solutions LLC serves both residential and commercial property owners in Fremont and its surrounding areas with services that range from garden construction and landscape design to hardscape installation and lawn maintenance. Their services include garden construction/design/hardscape installation/maintenance, installation of low-voltage lighting fixtures, and installation of water features such as fountains, ponds, waterfalls, etc. Their crew can add decorative rock borders, walkways/paths, fencing, and retaining walls into yards along with low voltage lighting fixtures with low voltage lighting fixtures installation/setup low voltage lighting fixtures or set up low voltage lighting fixtures/water features such as fountains/ponds/waterfalls, etc. Their crew can also take care of lawn/garden maintenance, which helps improve soil compaction while preventing waterlogging, standing water, and root rot.

Frank & Grossman

Frank & Grossman Landscaping Company has provided residential and commercial landscaping services in Fremont since 1994. These include landscape design and construction and low-voltage outdoor lighting installation for fountains, ponds, and waterfalls.

Homeowners’ insurance policies typically do not cover damages caused by water to landscaping or yards due to flooding, stormwater runoff, or other sources. Yard drainage systems can help alleviate these problems by diverting rainwater away from the house.

A drainage system typically costs $10-25 per square foot and includes gutter and downspout drains, drain pipes, catch basins, and grates, as well as dry wells or vertical French drains. Installation typically takes one or two days for straightforward projects but may take longer for those requiring complex solutions or deeper drain depths.

Prosper Construction Development

Prosper Construction Development in Fremont offers construction services. Their projects range from building renovations and corporate facilities to tenant improvements at Tesla Fremont, which included a new showroom, NVH, restrooms, office areas, vehicle lifts, and parking lot upgrades. Prosper also renovated a kitchen and bathrooms as part of this project.

This company also specializes in landscaping and retaining walls. Its team can add various features to a yard, such as low-voltage outdoor lighting, fountains, ponds, and waterfalls. Their landscape designs feature trees, flowerbeds, and shrubs, as well as driveways and walkways.

Finding a competent contractor is critical to ensuring that your yard’s drainage system functions optimally. Be sure to select a licensed, insured, and experienced company; request references and written estimates with warranties and bonds attached for their work.

A Tamam Construction

Tamam Construction is a comprehensive remodeling firm offering home renovation services. Its architects listen carefully to clients and understand their needs before developing an individual plan to meet them. Tamam’s team also specializes in kitchen and bathroom remodels, floor installations, painting jobs, drywall/siding installations, and concrete construction services.

Fremont contractors offered by this firm specialize in designing and building custom decks, patios, pergolas, and redecking services that utilize materials like redwood, Ipe, and composite decking – including redwood redecking services as well as repairs or replacement of stairs, railings, or porches that exist already. Furthermore, this business is fully licensed and insured.

Decks are an excellent way to create an outdoor retreat and can add significant value to your property, providing a space to unwind and unwind with friends and family. However, finding the ideal contractor to construct the deck for you requires a comparison of prices, references, and work experience among potential contractors. To select one that will give the best result and experience possible, you must do some research prior to choosing one! To find the right provider, compare their price offerings, references, and work history before settling on one.