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Mike’s Tree Service


Mike and his crew were highly professional, courteous, and efficient in their tree-trimming service. They arrived promptly with a quote and finished by mid-afternoon with no trace left behind other than a spotless environment with plywood sheets used to protect my lawn from being damaged during removal. I recommend their tree service services for anyone needing tree work done. Best way to find the Concord tree services.

Tree Pruning

Mikes Tree Service provides tree pruning services to enhance and protect the health of trees in your landscape. Tree pruning removes dead or diseased branches, controls the growth and shape of the tree, and prevents property damage by keeping deadwood out.

Mike will visit your property and provide a free estimate for the work to be done, along with advice about when and how best to prune trees and hedges. Depending on various factors, an average tree should be pruned every two to seven years; this schedule may differ based on each tree’s individual needs.

Complete pruning removes all duplicated, rubbing, dead, or diseased limbs and 10-20 percent of the crown to improve the tree’s health and appearance. This will enhance its health while making it more aesthetically pleasing.

Fertilization programs are another tool we offer to maintain tree health. By applying the appropriate nutrients in appropriate amounts, fertilization programs can make an enormous difference in tree longevity. We offer an assortment of fertilizers and can use these via a drip system or injection into the ground.

Tree Removal

Mike and his crew specialize in tree removal for any size property and clearing the land of debris, such as brush. When their job is finished, Mike ensures a tidy finish by leaving behind no trace. Mike also offers pruning and cabling services.

Mike is a certified arborist who is licensed and insured. With over 25 years of experience specializing in residential and commercial properties, his crew is trained in International Society of Arboriculture standards to prune your trees as efficiently as possible and ensure their health and safety all year round.

Mike responded quickly and professionally, provided an estimate, scheduled my work, came at the agreed time with a crew, completed it in three hours at a very competitive price, removed other smaller branches/evergreens for extra, cleaned up after themselves nicely and was also very pleasant and attentive – I would highly recommend his service and will continue using him moving forward! His soft-spoken and attentive manner will continue to keep him at my side as my tree guy!

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is the process by which unsightly stumps can be eliminated from your landscape, creating the space needed for you to enjoy it the way you see fit. Tree stumps often remain after trees have been cut down without professional assistance or fallen on their own – Mike’s Tree Service offers stump grinding services in San Antonio that will quickly eliminate or grind away that unsightly piece.

No matter if you’re trying to expand your lawn, create a flowerbed, or reclaim yard space, eliminating that unsightly thorny stump is critical for many reasons. Not only does having such an eyesore prevent you from enjoying your property thoroughly, but it could also attract wood-destroying pests such as carpenter ants or termites.

Many individuals attempt to do their stump grinding by renting a grinder and learning how to operate it on their own, but this can be an extremely hazardous task that requires proper training and experience to execute successfully. Furthermore, it often takes longer than anticipated and leads to frustration if completed partially. However, Mike Tree Service offers comprehensive stump grinding services that will quickly restore your yard while leaving you completely satisfied.

Land Clearing

When trees begin to get too close to structures, power lines, or other landscape features, it may be time for land-clearing services. Mike’s Tree Service’s expert arborists provide quality land clearing for both residential and commercial properties in Vacaville.

Mike’s Tree Service can handle any size project—from clearing out an entire lot to taking out just a few troublesome trees—from clearing out entire lots to tree removal services on individual parcels. They have equipment such as a 60-foot bucket truck, two chip trucks, a dump truck, and a mini skid steer at their disposal. Their dedicated crew works to understand each project’s specific parameters to complete it promptly and on budget.

Mike and his crew are outstanding. They arrived as promised, worked efficiently without issue in a very shady area, and left my yard looking excellent. Additionally, their price was extremely fair – I will definitely use them again! Thanks, Mike and JoAnn. – Rob H

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