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Key Elements of an Effective Online Marketing Campaign: Finding New Customers


Bringing Clients To Your Business

This is where the marketing strategy begins to shine. The missing component of the puzzle is this, of course. Without exposure, a website or an offering will not be successful. Naturally, the whole jigsaw must fit together and function properly to be considered a triumph. All the gears (sales) must be turning smoothly, the engine must be running smoothly, and the wheels (business) must be linked. If so, things will run smoothly and progress as planned. (sales keep coming). Let’s presume your transmission is working. Get the car started, please. Your marketing and advertising efforts, like an engine, need to function together perfectly to generate steady leads for your sales pages, no matter where they happen to be located.

There are many standard methods, and then there are hundreds of uncommon ones. For now, I’m just going to use the tried-and-true methods.

Internet advertising on Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc.

Google is the most popular search engine, followed by Yahoo and Microsoft. There are others, but none are large enough to give you decent initial traffic. The other options are much less expensive, so I’m confident we’ll find uses for them eventually, but for now, let’s focus on the top three.

Don’t waste your money on AdWords until you understand how they function and the fine art of purchasing keywords and trying. It’s simple to throw away a lot of money for little payoff.

That Google AdWords’ growth has been remarkable would be an understatement. The problem is that it’s become integral to everyone’s online advertising approach. As a result, the expense of marketing through this channel has skyrocketed. They use PPC or pay-per-click, which differs from conventional advertising forms like newspapers and television. You place bids on various phrases or terms. (known as long tail keywords). Their worth changes with how well-known they are. You’ll have to fork over that sum each time one of your ads is clicked. The higher your bid, the more prominently (in the search results) and frequently (in the search results) your ad will show.

You can see the connection to my previous article about “selecting your niche.” Suppose we return to the automotive industry for a moment. In that case, it’s easy to imagine that competing with FORD and hundreds of other Ford dealerships, service centers, and repair shops for the keyword FORD would result in a CPC of around £5. However, you can get top placement for as little as 0.10p per click if you bet on the expression “second-hand Ford cars in Bristol.”

It is crucial to begin an advertising effort (that’s what it’s called!) on a small scale and to conduct frequent tests. Check your stats to see if people click on your ad and how many convert before making changes. Don’t stop working until you’ve turned a profit.


Article writing is an excellent strategy for boosting site visitors. There are many free article sites where you can submit your writing. So, how does that operate, exactly? You can republish pieces found in article directories on other websites. As a result, the websites receive complimentary material. The article index can serve as a starting point for learning more about any topic in the world. This means that the stories are getting read. Your website link will stay at the bottom of your article even if it is republished, thanks to the bio or authors section at the bottom of each piece. You get two benefits from this. Each reader could theoretically become a prospective customer, and each piece could provide you with a “backlink.” (URL links to your sites on other websites). The quantity of inbound links is a significant factor in how Google evaluates the quality of your website.


Creating product-focused promotional films is another effective strategy for attracting new visitors to your website. Make videos that offer critiques, tutorials, or an original take on showcasing or introducing products. The movie and its accompanying description can feature your website’s URL. Don’t be shy about sharing your movies on free hosting sites like YouTube, Google, Yahoo, and dozens more.


The newest weapon in the armory of marketers. The number of people who read your online diary, or “blog,” will increase dramatically if you update it regularly and make it fascinating. You drive traffic to your website from your blog by providing in-depth product reviews. A blog can be updated frequently, and its author is free to adopt an informal tone and even inject some humor and entertainment. There’s no shortage of blog post ideas, but it’s important to remember that the end objective is to get people to visit your site.

Online Community Networks

Yes, advertising has even made it to this level. Social networking sites like Facebook and others offer excellent advertising opportunities. Just build a site that focuses on your merchandise. Make a community focused on your product and how it is used. Next, you’ll extend invitations to prospective users. (you can check for members with similar interests in their profiles). Once you’ve set up shop, you can use texting to spread the word. Rather than being a blatant plug, it was done cleverly and understatedly. For example, I thought this “product” promoted on “your website” was exciting. Who has put it to use? Is it effective?

Okay, there are many other options, like newspapers and periodicals, to attract customers. (yes, outside of the web). If used correctly, online sales sites like eBay can be helpful tools. Sending out mass texts (viral marketing), forming partnerships, renting email lists, trading display ads, etc.

Finally, make sure search engines like Google and Yahoo value your site highly so that it ranks well in organic search results. We call this technique Search Engine Optimization. (Search Engine Optimisation).

Tony Marriott has been a leader in the UK computer business for over three decades. He has since relocated to Greece, where he manages several successful internet ventures. He started the Online Income Club, an informational resource for people interested in making a livelihood online.

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