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Recruiter CRM Software


Recruiter CRM software was designed to assist recruitment and staffing agencies in streamlining their hiring processes by automating email, client communication, and job board postings – as well as offering a user-friendly interface. Find out the best info about نرم افزار سی ار ام.

CRM Sales & Marketing features are free, with the option to upgrade to paid tiers, while its recruiting automation feature makes it one of the top choices for freelance recruiters and small agencies.


Pipedrive’s visual deal pipeline gives sales teams a clear picture of their performance, making it easier to identify problem areas and increase closing rates. Furthermore, this software enables teams to track customer lifecycles from beginning to end, enabling companies to identify potential issues before it’s too late and ensure they meet market expectations before competitors do.

Pipedrive CRM allows teams to manage client relationships more effectively by centralizing all client communication in one central hub – this includes emails, phone calls, video conference calls, and any other means of connecting with clients. It is an efficient way of keeping up with relationships without switching back and forth between different apps or platforms.

As an ideal solution for teams seeking to expand their business and improve results from sales and marketing initiatives, Salesforce CRM provides a host of features, such as chatbots, custom web forms, e-commerce email marketing campaigns, and segmentation capabilities. Plus, it boasts a world-class customer support team available every step of the way!

Pipedrive provides small businesses and large enterprises with an affordable option that meets their specific needs, unlike Hubspot, which is free but limited in its capabilities. The software is easy to learn and use, so teams can implement it efficiently; its open API also enables teams to customize it as per individual preferences.

Managers can quickly organize deals into stages such as “Qualified,” “Contact Made,” and “Demo Scheduled” using one click. The platform then allows managers to monitor each stage’s status, such as date of contact, name of prospect or lead, negotiation or not, and more.

Another feature of the tool is its capability of creating project tasks and tracking them with a Kanban board. Furthermore, team members will receive notifications whenever an action has been taken on any particular task, making it easier to manage projects while keeping everyone informed and aligned on goals.

Pipedrive provides an optional add-on called Leadbooster that automates the process of lead capture from websites. The software gathers leads from each website and uses key attributes to categorize them into quality scores; this enables teams to prioritize and focus their time on those with higher potential while increasing conversions through targeted communication campaigns.

Top Echelon

Top Echelon is a recruiting software company offering applicant tracking system (ATS) and recruiting CRM features to assist recruiters in streamlining the placement process. Their software automates candidate sourcing, tracking, and placement processes at expanding contingency search firms, retained search firms, contract contract staffing firms, and executive search firms, as well as split recruiting network capabilities as well as candidate portal capabilities for customers – it services large recruitment agencies as well as corporate human resource departments.

One of its key innovations is an innovative tool enabling recruiters to post jobs directly onto their websites and receive resumes directly through the site – saving both time and effort while increasing placement rates. Furthermore, sharing jobs on social media increases the visibility of positions so potential applicants can find them more easily.

Top Echelon offers another feature to meet its client and recruiter needs: its Network Candidate Sourcing tool. This feature works between recruiters within a network in an anonymous fashion and enables one recruiter to provide candidates for another recruiter’s job order quickly and cost-effectively – an ideal way to meet job order requests quickly and save money at once!

Top Echelon features other useful functions, including custom tagging and classification for People, Company, and Job Order records – this ensures data is organized easily for search. Furthermore, Top Echelon supports mobile-friendly user experiences, allowing recruiters to access information via desktop computers, smartphones, tablets, etc.

This software features an easy-to-use interface and application setup process, with powerful yet flexible functionality and free support available from its provider. Furthermore, there is also a user-friendly website with tutorial videos and guides designed to assist newcomers.

BigBiller is a straightforward software designed to streamline the recruiting process. With its user-friendly interface and customizable workflows, calendar integration, email/text message integration, custom pipeline stages, full-text search capability, zip/radius search ability, record merging/merging feature, activity logging function, and candidate portal functionality – BigBiller makes documenting candidate and client communications straightforward and is ideal for tracking communication from start to finish. Plus, its social sharing feature helps recruiters drive traffic back to their website!


Manatal Recruitment Software Solution offers an impressive set of features. These include time-saving automation, candidate matching and recommendations, job board integrations, workflow customizations, and analytics. Manatal is designed with users in mind; its intuitive interface and built-in tutorials help users get up and running quickly. The manual is widely trusted by over 10,000 teams in 135 countries, making it the perfect solution for large companies and recruitment agencies alike.

Manatal’s resume parsing feature streamlines data entry by automatically collecting all pertinent applicant information and saving it to its database. Meanwhile, its AI-powered recommendation engine scans job descriptions to identify essential skills and match them with candidates from your talent pool – greatly reducing hiring manager workload by eliminating time-consuming tasks like sorting applications manually.

Manatal’s social media enrichment tool offers recruiters another useful feature. By analyzing public profiles of candidates, recruiters can discover more candidate information than ever before. Furthermore, this platform logs all communication with applicants in one convenient record of events for companies with multiple stakeholders involved in hiring processes – helping ensure all notes and feedback are captured centrally.

The manual offers a robust reporting and analytics suite that includes detailed sourcing reports, pipeline analysis, and recruiter metrics that provide recruiters with visibility into their team’s performance and productivity, aiding them to enhance sourcing strategies while optimizing efforts by targeting the most successful channels. Furthermore, this tool offers forecasting and compliance tools to aid recruiters in making more effective hiring decisions.

Manatal’s AI-powered candidate recommendations can be an invaluable asset to small to medium businesses. Unfortunately, its AI may be less accurate with resumes written in other languages, while users have reported that its app may not be as intuitive or well-designed compared to competitors – this may make it more challenging for smaller companies to utilize this tool efficiently. Nevertheless, it offers decent features at reasonable pricing, while its subscription model may prove too costly for individual entrepreneurs or teams with infrequent hiring needs.


Recruiterflow is an innovative recruitment CRM with advanced applicant tracking and recruiting automation features, including social sourcing capabilities and rules-based email automation engines. Its social sourcing features save hours of manual work while its automated email engine makes more placements. In addition, its talent pipeline and engagement system allow recruiters to keep passive candidates engaged while supporting recruitment workflows for staffing firms to increase productivity.

Recruiterflow offers seamless email integration that enables recruiters to centralize all recruitment-related communications into the software, streamlining recruitment workflow for better communications with both potential candidates and clients while also increasing organizational transparency by making relevant information more readily available across teams. It even lets recruiters tag each candidate according to their status or progress – helping the hiring team stay aware of each candidate and avoid duplicative outreach efforts.

Modern applicant tracking solutions leverage Boolean and keyword search algorithms to analyze resumes, cover letters, social footprints, and talent data for specific skills and qualifications. In addition to natural language processing and AI, it is essential to understand talent information better. This enables recruiters to target hard-to-find candidates quickly while finding candidates best suited for specific positions; additionally, they facilitate seamless interview scheduling by automatically importing candidates’ calendars into the system.

Recruiterflow offers robust sourcing and engagement capabilities but also features a fully customizable candidate experience, giving candidates personalized emails tailored specifically to them. This helps recruiters increase brand visibility while building rapport with candidates; additionally, it keeps recruiters up-to-date with industry and market news trends.

Recruiterflow is an innovative recruitment CRM offering advanced automation features and tools, such as drag-and-drop functionality and Kanban boards. Its open API console makes custom apps and integrations for your business straightforward; its competitive and flexible pricing model ranges from EUR99 per user per month with free trials for newcomers; to learn more, visit its website.

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